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First 4 Steps in Branding Your Startup

No matter what you decide to do in life, it is always better to have contingencies in place than to try and wing it later. The latter usually requires much more effort, flexibility and resources, sometimes even compromising the very structure of your business or the model you intended to follow. You see, by giving
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How to Successfully Restart Your Start-up

No one ever started a business knowing they would fail. Still, these things happen even to the best. Unfortunately, seeing how one sets of with a no small amount of enthusiasm, the defeat can be a crushing blow to their self-esteem. What they don’t know, however, is that even some of the greatest businessmen in
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Surviving the First Year as a Startup

Most startups have one major problem in their first year of doing business: they invest a lot of money to launch their company. They keep investing during the first few months, but their return on investment (ROI) remains insufficient to keep them in the game. To make things even more difficult, although you may have
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