Use of Wi-Fi Network for Advertising Purpose

Wireless internet is something which is preferred by any offices or universities which are spread across some large area. It is a good alternative to running cables to all the desired locations and maintaining them. Wi-Fi is an acronym for wireless fidelity which means sending signals without wires. Any Wi-Fi network has some basic components such as a unit which provides wireless signal and antennas which acts as receiver of the signal. These types of networks were launched by Wi-Fi group or alliance.

Many times Wi-Fi is private type of network which is confined to limited number of people. Sometimes, the data traveling on such wireless networks is of very private and confidential too. So, users who are outside this Wi-Fi network are not allowed to enter in it. If anyone who is located within the range of Wi-Fi area, but they are not allowed to enter in the network. They require a password for entering in to the network. There are various levels at which user can enter in the Wi-Fi network. The user who is not employee of the company or want internet connection just for browsing purpose, then he can be allowed to enter the network with a very lowest or minimum access level from where he can check his emails or check for some other websites.

How to Advertise on Wi-Fi?

As it is known that internet is the strong medium for advertising and promoting the products, many advertising agencies are targeting some Wi-Fi networks which are open to public for the purpose of advertising. The Wi-Fi networks which are open for common public are good places for sending advertisements. The advertiser can target a group of people using this network which is located in particular area. As we know the range of Wi-Fi network is limited to several kilometers, advertisers can send some special offers to the people accessing the Wi-Fi network in that particular area.

Getting Proper Permission to Enter the Network

Any advertiser can contact the network administrator of the network so that you can get permission to enter in the network and post some data in the network. If proper permission is not taken from the administrator, then sending data in the network can be termed as hacking or injecting data illegally in the Wi-Fi network. This can also turn into some legal actions too if the administrator of the network decides to launch a complaint. So it is required that the advertising is done with proper agreement or permission. Some owners of the Wi-Fi network have designed some plans to give access to advertisers for using their private Wi-Fi network. The agreement is generally based on the type and quantity of the data to be posted and the time period for which the advertisement visible to the people in the network. 

Advantages of Advertising on Wi-Fi Network

Sending advertisement with Wi-Fi technology has many advantages associated with it. The very first advantage is that, you can contact a group of people at the same time. As the area of Wi-Fi is limited, you can design some schemes which will be suitable for people staying in that area. This can be also termed as customizable schemes for targeted users. The impact of such advertisement could be really good as people.

If you are planning to launch some advertisements in the Wi-Fi network, then it is very much necessary that you get proper access to the network. Otherwise there are chances that your content may get blocked by the administrator.

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