Webinar: Android Development, Big Data and Hadoop

big data and hadoop

Free Webinar for Android Development, Big Data and Hadoop

Android Development & Big Data are two concepts which are in high demand in the market right now but what they are, how can one start their career in these or how and from where to learn these technologies. To answer all your questions and give you a basic knowledge about these terms UFABER.com will be hosting two webinars on 27th June, 2014, dealing with Android development, big data, and Apache Hadoop.

The first webinar will start at 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm IST (Check your local Time) in which we will take a look at Android development and explore the options available for those who want to make it their career. Android-powered smartphones and tablets dominate the mobile computing segment. Needless to say, the opportunity for growth and the future outlook for the Android development sector are indeed bright. This webinar will cover the basics about what Android is, the Android development market, as well as career opportunities in the field. Special attention will be paid to the technology side of Android and how one can train to become a successful Android developer. The webinar is highly recommended for freshers and Java developers looking to breakthrough and make a mark in the world of Android development.

The second webinar will focus on Big Data and Hadoop which will start at 9:30 pm to 10:30 pm IST (Local time). These days, it is not uncommon to encounter very large data sets that are beyond regular data processing applications and far too complex for the usual data management tools. Big Data is the term used to describe a collection of such data sets. The goal of this webinar is to shed light on what Hadoop is and how it addresses the big data conundrum. The webinar will cover topics such as how Hadoop works, what a Hadoop cluster is, the various Hadoop services available, as well as HDFS architecture. The instructor will also discuss what makes Hadoop framework distinct and the prerequisites for learning Hadoop. Java developers, data warehousing professionals, and business analysts will find the seminar to be very informative.

Both the webinars are free. Those interested in participating can sign up for the webinars after registering at ufaber.com.

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