Why And How Adding LinkedIn Will Help Enrich Your WordPress Profile

Nothing can get better for your business than growing it professionally. And, when LinkedIn is there, you need not think twice before exploring this professional social media platform. LinkedIn is exceptional to help you grow professionally, connect to the skilled professionals and highlight your best work experience to the imminent personality of your industry. Therefore, it is always outstanding to include the goodness of LinkedIn in your WordPress website.

In case, you are not sure how to bring the significance of LinkedIn in your WordPress website, here is a guide to explain you the things in detail. In order to showcase your LinkedIn profile over your WordPress website, you will have to customize the platform. In order to perform the task successfully, try performing these steps. Here goes the steps.

1.  Customize the profile URL

It is suggested not to use the number at the end of your profile URL. It is a good practice to pick what the URL says. For example, you can include your name in the personal profile, your company or organization’s name also.

2. Optimizing the website URL

LinkedIn has its default setting, as a result of which it reads links (both of websites’ and blogs”) as “personal website”. This may affect the number of desired clicks over the website and thus it is a wise option to customize the anchor text to get the required clicks on any given post. The task is easy to accomplish by going to the profile>edit profile>contact info.

3. Filling out the required sections

Never miss on completing the required section when optimizing the website URL. There is an easy of rearranging the sections as per your convenience. A double side arrow on each section helps users to edit easily.

4. Include the goodness of SEO

Including the benefits of SEO is a good practice that highlight your profile among other similar posts. You need to include competitive keywords that would make your profile’s headline. Anyone searching with a related keyword will easily be directed to your post.

5. Do not forget to include style opportunity

Being creative will always going to benefit your post. It is not only in regards of the content posted but also the look and feel of the styling opportunity. Hence, never miss on the chance to add a background to your profile. Perform this task as profile>edit profile> add a background photo. 1400 *425 px is the best resolution to include.

6. Adding media

In this section, you need to write the description about your work on LinkedIn. Adding a sample of your work would help other to know more about your profile.

7. Making your profile visible

It is easy to make your profile available for everyone by clicking on the privacy and settings and then select what others can see over your profile.

Integrating LinkedIn into WordPress manually

There are multiple ways to add LinkedIn to your WordPress website. In order to start manually, the three different options that we are going to explain below can be used.

1.  Company insider plugin

It is an option for the companies that have a huge employee base within the organization. This exceptional plugin makes it a breeze to get connected to others. Thus, it is an exceptional way for people in the business to connect to the others. To utilize the full potential of this outstanding LinkedIn plugin, it is crucial that every member has an updated LinkedIn profile.

2. Share button

Enabling the sharing button code over your website and then pasting the same code within your post will help your post to gain better insight. This will also make it easy to share your content within your network. More visibility means more exposure and better advertisement of your business among others.

3. Member profile integration

It is a useful option that helps you embed the snapshot of your LinkedIn profile. The plugin is exceptional to integrate into your site’s footer to get best advantage of the same.

Integrating LinkedIn with Plugins

LinkedIn provides the option of including different third party tools in the form of plugins to offer more to the users. Here are the useful plugins for WordPress users.

1.  WP LinkedIn

With a few clicks, users can add this plugin within their WordPress website. Use this plugin to insert a scroller of your LinkedIn recommendations.

2. FP LinkedIn profile

This is a plugin to add simple profile summary into your WordPress website. Users can easily manage the settings through the dashboard.

3. WP LinkedIn for companies

The plugin works with WP LinkedIn. It helps to display the company profile and network updates on blogs.


Including the effectiveness of LinkedIn over your WordPress website is an exceptional opportunity to add more visibility to your website. Hence, keep the above written suggestion in your mind to grow the popularity of your websites.

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