Trending Core Technologies Can Improve Your Business

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Core Technologies That Can Improve Your Business

Businesses not hunting for emerging trends is doomed. Top technology, economic, social and health care trends influence the course of business. Companies that resist or turn a blind eye to trending changes essentially take themselves out of the marketplace. Behind on trends and outside of the marketplace equates to lower sales, loss of key staff, a diminished reputation, and loss of market share. Give your business an evaluation and ask if you’re aware of the following trends in technology.

Mobile Devices

Mobile device search for local businesses will surpass every other computing technology. In 2013, businesses that have not optimized their Web presence for tablets and smartphones may as well be archaic. A research study emphasizes the importance of mobile retail and commerce by stating that “79 percent of smartphone owners are ‘smartphone shoppers.'” Shoppers rely on their mobile devices to not only make everyday tasks easier, but to research products and search for new apps — transforming the business and consumer shopping experience. The Google research study adds that “frequent mobile shoppers spend 25 percent more in-store” than customers who shop using their mobile phone only occasionally.

Cloud Computing

Efficiency, accessibility and reliability are essential building blocks for a business. Cloud computing services not only provide those building blocks for businesses, but cloud computing can also reduce costs and save space. The cloud advantage is twofold.

  1. Businesses do not have to invest heavily in hardware to have a computerized company
  2. Software as a Service (SaaS) provides affordable business platforms, from Customer Relations Management (CRM) to Accounting or Strategic Planning, on a monthly fee basis.

Existing Core Technology

In today’s hyper competitive business environment, smart executives are assessing everything their company does. The Internet has been a major game changer, but legacy operations are hard to stop.

Brian Ferdinand, the president and co-founder of Liquid Holdings Group, and his team built a cloud-centric, Web-based platform of services designed specifically for Alternative Asset Management. By leveraging cloud computing technology, Liquid developed a suite of programs that lets managers perform trading and execution efficiently. Portfolio administration, report generation and risk-analysis are available in real-time. Traders can use a device as simple as a tablet, subscribe to relevant software programs and save tens of thousands of dollars.

Smart executives can experience improvements in business by using an existing core technology that does the following.

  • Reduces costs: Savings on development are significant when the core idea already exists.
  • Improves quality: Whether you are developing a new business process or refining one, time that would normally be spent in early development can instead be devoted to reducing glitches.
  • Improves customer acquisition and customer satisfaction: Customers appreciate and act upon trustworthy innovation that yields cost savings.
  • Increases speed: A great idea for improvement can be implemented quickly when the hard work is already done.

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