Five crucial steps before launching a website

One of the most exciting things you will do in your career is establishing your own business. Whether it is brick and mortar or an online business, you will realize that you get many opportunities for growth. You will also have the freedom to choose what you want to do and when you want to […]

3 Best Free Antivirus Programs for Your Computer

Do you drive your car without wearing seatbelts? Of course, you can drive your car! But, when something bad comes ahead, there will be no way to protect yourself and your valuables. Same is the case with antivirus software. You will be able to use your computer without installing an antivirus suite. But, when a […]

Partition Windows 10 with Free Partition Magic Alternative

Free Partition Magic Alternative for Windows 10 64bit Partitioning If you are now running on the latest Windows 10 64bit and for sure there are a lot of applications that are yet to support the latest OS. You might need some assistance to convert dynamic disk to basic or a partition magic windows 64 bit to […]

Why MS Transporter not good for Notes to Outlook Migration

Why MS Transporter is not good for Notes to Outlook Migration Both Lotus Notes and MS Outlook are widely used by business organization. They have been the most popular email clients in today’s world. One cannot conclude which client is best as each has its own capabilities and blemishes. The selection between these two email […]

Review of PDF Recovery Tool – A Candid Choice to Deal with Damaged PDF

Review of PDF Recovery Tool Often encountering error messages like “Adobe Reader is unable to read the file” while trying to open a PDF file can be really a tedious issue to deal with. Although this error message exemplifies that, the PDF file has been corrupted or damaged but does it mean that you cannot […]

#Howto fetch Disk space report using Powershell

Fetch Disk space report using Powershell Recently, I got a task to create disk utilization (Free space available in Percentage) report of 10-15 Windows 2008 Server. Disk utilization report is common in many projects where the techs have to prepare report and send it to the senior admins. Preparing such report is really a headache as […]

How to Recover Photos from Virus Infected Memory Card

How to Recover Photos from Virus Infected Memory Card Viruses are the programs that can create issues with the storage device and make the files corrupt or inaccessible. The Internet is the main source of the virus, and when your system is running on the Internet, there is always a high risk of virus attack. […]

Even Secure is not Secure anymore: Heartbleed bug

Heartbleed Bug: All you want to know about Till now, whenever we did any transaction on Internet whether it will be online shopping or doing money transfer using online banking or logging into Gmail or Facebook we have always checked the LOCK  , which gave us an assurance that all our transactions and information we […]

Latest Educational Apps for Windows 8

Latest Educational Apps for Windows 8 With the increase in technology, everyone expects to complete his or her work easily with the use of technology. With this purpose, Windows 8 PC brings all such useful apps at a single page or a store. One of the important apps for the present day generation or the […]

Is Anything Safe Online? 3 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Get Hacked

Is Anything Safe Online? 3 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Get Hacked Professional hackers don’t generally have a small army of geniuses attempting to break into the government FBI database. The vast majority of hackers are regular kids and adults who have an eye for the lazy, irresponsible and ignorant protective systems and the […]

Comparing the Best Virtualization Software (HyperV Vs. VMWare)

Best Virtualization Software: Comparison between HyperV and VMWare There’s a multitude of virtualization software on the market ranging from mediocre spin-offs from once stable open source offerings, through to tried and tested market leaders. For most people though, the battle between Microsoft and VMWare is the one that rages most frequently. Microsoft’s Hyper-V and VMWare’s […]