VirtualBox PXE BOOT: “FATAL: Could not read from the boot medium! System halted.”

_ I have been configuring PXE Server to boot the servers and install operating system on internet. To test the configured server I have used Oracle Virtual Box (with network bridge with local system). PXE boot and Virtual box was setup properly but when I tried to boot the Virtual Machine on Network it gave […]

How to increase Swap Size on Citrix VM or any Virtual Envirnoment

Swap Space is partition made on Linux systems which act as Virtual Memory. It uses the Hard disk space to enhance the memory management. There are many applications available in market which requires high swap space to work but due to physical hardware sometime its not possible but this is not the case with Virtualization. […]

The “Cloud” is a Buzz Word Across the Internet, So How to Migrate From Traditional IT to Cloud Platform

_ There hardly remains any doubt about Cloud being the future of IT. A big question that hits the mind is, how do we switch from a traditional IT platform to the Cloud computing infrastructure. And if you are an established business, making a switch may seem a bit tricky at times. Looking at the […]

Citrix XenServer Microsoft Windows “No audio devices are installed” Error

Microsoft Windows Virtual Machine’s created on Citrix Xen doesn’t have Audio Drivers installed on it. You have a application which requires sound drivers and when you check the sound options from Control Panel (through RDP) it shows message “No Audio Device are Installed“. Following are the steps to enable sound driver/devices on a Windows VM […]