3 Backbones of Awesome Content Marketing

Awesome content marketing

Awesome content marketing: 3 Essential Tips

With the growth of social media in the recent years, the importance of content writing to online marketing has become even more apparent. Not only do you have to deal with creating interesting content and articles for your website, but you also have to come up with engaging social media posts that will draw your online followers to these and to your website. You need to know how to make the most out of content writing in the ever changing online marketing field.

  1. Understand what is content writing

Those new in the content writing field might think that this is just about writing articles and website pages. But as have been said before, content writing has grown into something more.

One of the biggest changes in content writing in recent years is of course the introduction of social media. This has affected not only the kind of content that you write but also where you write it. Social media sites have become the second home for interesting articles, especially after the recent Google Panda updates have made the old form of content distribution nearly impossible to use. Social media also made distribution of content much easier since all your readers need to do is hit the share button and you get more audience.

However, social media have also changed the kind of content that is being distributed. Now, articles and website content are not the only types that are distributed for online marketing purposes. Visual content such as videos and infographics have become widespread with the growth of such dedicated social sharing sites as YouTube (for videos) and Pinterest (for images).

Another recent phenomenon that has drastically affected what content writing is supposed to be is the continuing convergence of online and offline marketing. During the early days, content writing is solely providing material intended for online consumption. However, nowadays, offline marketing has become an important area for online marketers. After all, you want to get your target audience even if they are not online. Creating compelling materials that can be distributed to offline mediums and help you direct them back to your online content is definitely a must.

  1. Understand the essence of good content

One of the hallmarks of good content is that it is written by human readers in mind. Unfortunately, this is not the case with many of the marketing content found on the internet today. Many of them are after online in the search engine rankings, in the hopes that being in the first pages of the SE’s will be enough to draw in traffic.

This of course is not always the case. People are constantly looking for interesting material on the internet. Even if you ar4e in the first pages of the search results, readers are likely to ignore you if you don’t have the content that interests them. Thus, you need to make sure that all of your content contains all of the relevant information that your target readers are looking for. Also keep in mind that the more current your content is, the more likely it will be read by your audience.

But of course, having the right information is not the only important aspect of good content. How you present your content also plays a big part in how it will be received by your audience.  Write in a simple manner in order to convey your information much easier for the audience. Also, a content that engages them to continue reading will help you deliver the information thoroughly. Humor is a good tool to keep your readers glued to your content.

  1. Using Your Content Correctly

In order to truly make the most out of your content, you should know how to use and deliver it properly. A good video tutorial, for example, is pretty much useless if they are not seen by your audience. Delivering your content at the right time is important to ensure that they can be seen by your readers when they need it. Here, you should be familiar with how your audience thinks in order to deliver the content they need the time they want it. For instance, many working people prefer to read online during their spare time, such as during lunch breaks. Publishing your content during this period guarantees that it will be seen and read by your target audience.

Where you publish your content also determines its success. As have been said earlier, social media has become quite useful in distributing content, as it allows you to reach a wider group of people. However even with that, you need to carefully choose the social media where you deliver your content in order to maximize its effectiveness. Your video content, for example, will be viewed more if they are streamed in the more popular sharing sites.

Finally, you need to understand that content by itself does not guarantee that you will be able to gain your desired traffic. You still need to make use of other online marketing areas like web site design and promotion. Combine these with content creation in order to come up with a complete marketing plan that will effectively deliver your desired results.

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