7 Amazing Website Layout Design Tools

7 Amazing Website Layout Design Tools

The art of creating a captivating website design is one of skill, efficiency, and precision. When it comes to website layout and design, seasoned web design professionals work smart, not hard.

In order to accomplish award winning WordPress web design, designers will often turn to helpful website design and layout tools which are available on the internet to do much of the heavy lifting. That is not to say that these tools do all the work; they merely make it easier.

The web design game seems to be constantly evolving, and at a break-neck speed. It is hard to keep up with all of the tools that are available, so with this in mind we asked our friends and colleagues what tools they rely on for the best web design layouts.

Some of these tools are available for download, others are offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS).

1) Canva – Canva.com

Canva is a robust image creation tool that combines the most popular features of desktop publishing software with a unique image builder wizard. Toted by the Webby’s as the “easiest to use design tool in the world” Canva makes image creation incredibly easy, freeing up a web designer’s time to focus on the finer points of a web design layout.

2) Place It – Place.it

Place It is an excellent mockup tool for creating compelling images of a website or mobile application running on a modern computing device, such as an iPhone or Mac computer. Simply upload an image of your design which is constrained to the aspect ratio of a specific device’s screen size and Place It will make it shine on a device of your choosing. Place It is ideal for start-ups trying to help website visitors visualize what it will look like on their own devices. Perhaps its most popular use is for creating images that load on a website’s home page slider.

3) MockFlow – Mockflow.com

Mockflow is one of the easiest to use wireframing tools available on the internet. It works both online and offline, and dramatically speeds up the wireframing process.

4) Axure – Axure.com

Axure is a modern application that reminds me of my old favourite, Omnigraffle for Mac. Axure is a downloadable application for PC that allows website design professionals to create wireframes, flow diagrams, prototypes, and specifications for websites and software applications. As with most other mockup tools, it comes complete with a library of prefabricated buttons, widgets, form fields, shapes, and dynamic elements.

5) BalsamiqMockups – Balsamiq.com

Our last wireframing tool on this list is BalsamiqMockups, which possesses many of the traits of the aforementioned applications –however it outputs designs in a hand-drawn style.

6) Bootstrap – Twitter.github.io

Bootstrap is designed to make prototyping breathlessly easy and was created by the fine folks at Twitter.

Different responsive elements can be selected and downloaded with minified CSS, jQuery plugins, and everything you need to get going in a finished version available via the Customize feature.

7) Adobe Edge Reflow – Adobe.com

Adobe Edgeflow combines the best features of its flagship Photoshop software however it is specifically designed for creating responsive layouts. It is capable of handling both media queries and generating complex CSS layouts in addition to a number of other really wild features. Adobe Edge Reflow is the latest offering from Adobe and has quickly become an industry favorite.

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