Achieve Business Goals through Cloud Services

Losing data is one of the worst things that can happen to a worker or a company. The biggest problem when it comes to such a situation is that you actually do not know whether you have only lost a device with data or somebody else has found it and can use it against you. Everybody who has lost a flash drive or a CD with some data on it, no matter how trivial they might be, knows what a bad feeling it is. And now just think about business context and in how many ways different data can be abused if wrong people get into their possession. It could endanger your whole business, no matter how small it is. Luckily, today people do not have to be afraid of losing flash memory sticks or external hard disks. Instead of storing your business data on physical devices, today everything can go to cloud.

Achieve Business Goals through Cloud Services

Cloud Services
How much cloud do I need?

In order to make tangible savings via the use of cloud, every business manager needs to determine how much storage space on their cloud account they need and what additional services they want to use. For instance, Google drive offers up to 15GB of free space for every account. Additional space should be paid for. The situation is similar with other cloud providers, as well. You get a certain amount of space for free, but any additional storage has to be paid. For small businesses, the free amount is enough for starters. However, if you see that you need more space, you can always add and buy additional room for your data, thanks to the high level of scalability of cloud. By using cloud for storing data, you can easily get rid of your old memory devices and sell them to retrieve at least a part of the money you have invested in them.

Business cloud
What other services can I get?

Apart from being an online hard disk-like system, cloud is also a great source of additional services and applications for every business. Businesses have to have licenses for all the software they use. It can be quite costly on a yearly basis. And the thing is that many of those programs are not used so often that buying the license would pay off. But now cloud offers a great possibility – you simply pay a program or an application that you need at that moment and you have the right of using it until the expiration of your subscription. This approach is known as software as a service and it can be immensely useful for a business, since that way businesses can save a lot of money on programs and licenses.

Furthermore, by keeping the business data on cloud, all employees of yours can access them from every part of the world. This is a great chance to utilize the benefits of IT outsourcing and hire workers from any corner of the globe.

Although cloud has a short history, it has become one of the most important features for individual users and it is growing in terms of business use, as well. Businesses that turn to cloud will see how smoothly and fast their work will flow, which will result in significant material savings, too.

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