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Adobe FormsCentral to Shut Down, JotForm Releases Import Wizard to Help Users

Adobe FormsCentral Alternative: JotForm’s Import Wizard

Typically, when we sign up for a service we don’t typically presume that it will shut down and as such, do not plan for it. Who signs up for a Instagram and backs up all of their carefully filtered photos, just in case the company collapses and they lose all of their precious selfies and snapshots of brunch? Are there people out there that copy and paste every business document that they’ve written up in both Microsoft Word and Google Docs, with the foresight that if one of them bites the dust the other will keep the information afloat? We are not generally paranoid about large, influential companies or a product line from them closing down, and we shouldn’t be, most of the time.

When Adobe decided to shut down their form building service, FormsCentral, it left many users feeling deserted and cast off without a net. Adding insult to injury, the FormsCentral is set to close in July, which left many users especially concerned since they may have paid and scheduled for a year. Adobe, an esteemed and beloved company with a die-hard following, has left many users questioning their practices, even if only in the realm of FormsCentral. Companies expend great effort in creating consumer confidence, and it is in a brand’s best interest to not rattle the trust that they’ve instilled in their users.

Adobe FormsCentral users rushed to the Adobe forum to complain and make their case as to why Adobe should reconsider their decision. Users were also annoyed at the communication gap. “I have received no email regarding this issue only notification on login to my account,” a user posts. Other users chimed in to express their annoyance that they were not reached out to about the shutdown and not given next steps. In all fairness, Adobe did reach out to customers about the shutdown but it often showed up in customer’s spam folders. Also, the recent change in Gmail’s organization made it that the emails also got lodged in user’s promotion folders, and many of us never click on it to check.

“I did not receive notice until I logged into my account.  I only use this during one particular time period a year,” another FormsCentral user declares. Adobe’s statement on the shutdown bluntly says that there just wasn’t enough interest. My guess is that the major form building players have edged out the competition. This goes to show that in a similar vein as how Google’s Google+ was beat out by Facebook and other social media networks, sometimes the bigger, more powerful companies fall behind the competition of companies that specialize solely in that arena.

JotForm Import Forms Page

JotForm, a FormsCentral alternative that specializes in all things form building, noticed the problem the shutdown was causing when FormsCentral users rushed to the JotForm support forums to request information on how they can migrate their forms, submissions, and data over to JotForm.

Adobe FormsCentral Alternative
Enter Adobe FormsCentral Login Credentials and Done :)

JotForm engineers took their technical prowess to work, and worked tirelessly to create a simple, one-step tool to migrate FormsCentral users over to JotForm. It required reverse engineering of FormsCentral’s interface, so that users can seamlessly save their tediously created forms and crucial submissions with just their FormsCentral login information and a minute of their time. This Import Wizard is a timely solution for a problem that left so many with so little guidance. JotForm is the easiest form builder, where everyone can use simple point-and-click technology to build and design beautiful online forms for free. The Import Wizard is a great tool for stranded FormsCentral users, because they can just login like usual with their FormsCentral login info and all of their forms and submissions will be saved within JotForm. Users are now rest assured that their problem is taken care of, and JotForm has an influx of new customers who wanted to migrate over. Everyone loves a win-win situation.

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