Best Cloud Computing Services


Cloud Computing services

Cloud computing services are tools that you may use if you are using cloud computing. Cloud computing involves using a remote server to do what you would normally do on your computer. Usually server space is all that is offered, but some companies will give you access to tools online and they are known as cloud computing services. Here are some of those best cloud computing services you may pay to use on the cloud.

Sage One

Sage is a popular account software program that you may install on your computer. Sage One is the cloud based version that smaller businesses may find of great use. It allows you to track your projects, create invoices, manage expenses, etc. It is not very easy to customize, but does have all the functions that a smaller business is going to need. When paying for the subscription, you also get 5GB of server space to save your files on.

Mindomo 5 Premium

This works both online on the cloud and on your desktop too. It is very good for brainstorming ideas, and it allows you to work through either an online client or through your desktop. It allows you to create mind maps and take notes and then export your content to the cloud. You may also import content in order to work on it. The paid subscription will also give you 350MB of online storage space, as well as a further task-management capability that you do not get with the free version.


This will allow you to record your billable hours. As you work you record your hours and it will create reports and invoices based upon what you input. The fact that the files are then saved on the cloud means that you may share them with your staff or clients very easily. You may give people full access to the reports and invoices so that they may keep up with how much a certain project is costing. There are lots of customizable options you may use too.

Adobe Connect

This is a cloud based web conferencing tool that is similar to GoToMeeting and WebEx. The service gives you a few good ways of connecting with other users; it is scalable and has mobile device support too. It is built for people who are looking for yet another way to make contact with their customers or their staff. And, even though there are cheaper versions, this is probably the better cloud service.

DocuSign Pro

This is a cloud service that allows forms to be signed online. The form you give to your customer or associate will have a tag system that shows the user what to do and where to sign. It gives you an audit trail for the process too, and offers a choice for the e-signing of documents. Because it is a cloud service, the forms are very easy to share with others, and multiple users may be signed in to use the tool/service.

Office 365

This service has SharePoint, Exchange, unified communications service sync and Office, all within one cloud service. It allows for the very simple and easy management of a Windows environment through making the process more centralized.


This is an online service that will allow you to make diagrams very easily. You may collaborate your image making with local images or tools if you wish. You may create Venn diagrams, floor plans, organization charts, low charts, etc. Quite how you use the service is up to you, but some have found very creative ways of using the diagram drawing capabilities to their benefit. Plus, the fact that it is a cloud based service makes sharing content all the easier.

Salesforce Professional Edition

This is a Corporate Responsibility Management System (CRMS), and has a number of tools that suit both big and small business. It offers you email marketing, custom dashboards, reports, analytics, granular permissions, sales forecasting, basic customer service tools and real-time data sharing.

Adobe FormsCentral

This is an interactive form tool that some people will find useful for their business or for addition to their social media profile pages. It comes with some good data analysis tools that people who work online may find very useful. It markets itself as a business intelligence tool. The forms are created and disseminated, and when they are returned (usually from customers) they may be analyzed by the business intelligence data analysis tools. The forms may be embedded in pages and the data may be exported in order to create chart visualizations.

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