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FIX:- make: *** [libavdevice/v4l.o] Error 1

ERROR: While installing FFMPEG on a server when we run “make” after “./configure” it gives following error: math-errno       -c -o libavdevice/v4l.o libavdevice/v4l.c In file included from libavdevice/v4l.c:32: /usr/include/linux/videodev.h:56: error: syntax error before "ulong" /usr/include/linux/videodev.h:72: error: syntax error before '}' token libavdevice/v4l.c: In function `grab_read_header': libavdevice/v4l.c:77: error: storage size of 'tuner' isn't known libavdevice/v4l.c:141: error: invalid
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FFMPEG version SVN-r24734 Autoinstaller

FFmpeg is a open source project that produces libraries and programs for handling multimedia data and publishes them online. The most popular components of FFmpeg are libavcodec, an audio/video codec library used by several other projects, libavformat, an audio/video container mux and demux library, and the ffmpeg command line program for transcoding multimedia files. FFMPEG
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