CompTIA’s Market Oriented Exam “ADR 001” for Android App Developers

adr 001

“ADR 001” Exam for Android App Developers by CompTIA

CompTIA’s latest mobile centered certification i.e. Mobile App Security+ is carefully designed to spread knowledge and skills related to security among mobile application developers. As more and more rise has been seen in the number of app downloads per year, a need was arising to train developers to build secure applications for mobile devices to protect the personal information and data of the users. Therefore, CompTIA launched a certification to test the knowledge of developers in building secure mobile apps for both IOS and Android platforms.

The ADR-001 for Android Geek

The mobile app security+ certification has two exam editions, one is for Android app developers and one is for IOS app developers. The exam for Android edition is named as ADR-001 and for IOS is named as IOS-001. Anyone who desires to acquire this certification is required to pass only one of the two above mentioned exams.

What does ADR-001 tests?

The ADR-001 is designed to test the abilities and knowledge of a developer about creating secure Android apps for mobile devices and securing the communication network and web related services.

Exam purpose:

The ADR-001 exam is best for those having a minimum experience of 2 years in the sector of software development with hands on understanding about JAVA, Android SDK, and basic principles of secure mobile app development.

After passing out the exam, a candidate has acquired:

  • Fundamentals of app security
  • Understanding about Android’s security model for mobile devices
  • Threats to the security of mobile applications
  • Threats to web services’ security
  • Implementation of SSL for communications over web
  • Understanding to make use of Android’s APIs’ security features
  • Implementation of safe coding methods
  • Secure data retention in storage
  • Implementation of cryptography
  • Encryption of leverage for memory and communication
  • Hardening of applications

Required knowledge:

Thorough understanding about Android SDK, mobile app security basics, implementation of encryption, and JAVA programming is required for candidates who wish to take and appear in the ADR-001 exam.

ADR-001 exam details:

The ADR-001 exam can only be registered in English language at present. Registrations for the exam can be made online via CompTIA’s official website. CompTIA official learning partner via Forensics has also launched a course that can be bought online via CompTIA’s online store. The exam includes one hundred multiple choice questions and a candidate must score at least 730 points on a scale of 100-900 in order to pass the exam successfully. Time duration of one hour and thirty minutes is allotted to complete the exam.

Exam preparation

Candidates can purchase specially designed course for exam ADR-001 online via Selftest raining website. The course is designed to make the candidates well-versed about the exam topics. Candidates can solidify their understanding of the exam topics by taking the practice test . The practice tests and carefully designed study courses will make the candidate well prepared to take and pass the test with full zest and confidence.

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