MilesWeb Review

eITWebGuru Moved to New Host MilesWeb

MilesWeb Review

A couple of months ago, I have moved to a new host i.e. MilesWeb. There was no specific reason to migrate the site, but one of my friends told me that he was using services of MilesWeb and pretty much satisfied with the service he was getting, and suggested me to try them. So, this article is a review of MilesWeb services.

Stage 1: Sales Team


I have checked their website which was nicely built and user-friendly. Then I had a long conversation over chat and email for which I have received satisfactory replies quickly. Due to such prompt replies, I made my mind to try MilesWeb.

Stage 2: Account Setup

Account setup was quick and received my login details within 5-10 minutes after payment. Also, I had a requirement of private name server which they accepted (I know many hosting companies don’t allow private name servers). So my Account was setup and I was ready to migrate the website. A Complete backup of eITWebGuru was provided to them and the Support team quickly restored it. After verifying everything nameservers were changed and the site was online (after DNS Propagation) from the new host.

Stage 3: Post Sales Support

This is the most important stage as the Sales team moves out of the Picture and you are directly having a conversation with the people who are actually supporting your website. I heard many stories where the sales team talk in a very pleasant way (they have to crack the deal to complete their targets) where as the support guys are rude or don’t understand the problems of customers etc. and post sales the sales person who have sold you the plan disappears. BUT, with MilesWeb I didn’t face any such issue. First of all, I didn’t get much chance to communicate with Support team as their infrastructure is so good that I didn’t face any issue (except one) where I will have to contact MilesWeb Support.

Now talking about the one issue, where there was an issue with the server on which eITWebGuru is hosted and due to which the site was down. I have contacted the support team (at 2 am IST) and received updates. Also received an email containing RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and steps which are taken so that the problem won’t occur again.

In the end, I am also satisfied with the service they are providing after 4 years of operations. I would like to suggest MilesWeb to set up a monitoring alert system for the clients which will notify them in case of any issue/problems.

About: Mike

Milind Koyande loves to work on new technologies specially virtualization and troubleshoot server problems. I’m an avid photographer and love to spend my free time close to nature, trying to capture its glory on my camera.

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