Email Marketing Technology is the Smart Move Right from Start

Email happens to be the most direct and shortest way to reach an audience. People tend to retain their email addresses for many years. They let you connect to users regardless of the type of device they are using. You will be able to know whether the user is at home or working. In this time and age, people use their emails to open social media accounts such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. For companies to effectively market themselves, they will track their users online by simply using their emails.

Email is a responsible and valuable channel. Marketers are encouraged to stick to good practices when doing email campaigns. When thinking of innovation, the initial things that pops in your mind is wearable gadgets and self-driving vehicles. Marketing does not come into your mind. However, the ever changing and evolving global market has experienced a lot of changes when it comes to communication between clients and the brands.

Fusecrunch Technology

With the help of marketing technology, most of the new innovative products get to the market before they are actually released. People have become thirsty for technology; this has greatly assisted tech- businesses when it comes to marketing. For instance, Fusecrunch latest tech news focuses mainly on disseminating technologically based news, gadgets, software and application features to the market. This is possible as a result of adopting email marketing technology.

Email has Matured, not Outgrown

Email marketing is recognized as versatile and trusted channel. It has managed to enlighten people and made it possible for productivity to be realized. A year ago, email marketers were trying to catch up and make emails mobile proof. This has managed to reach its maturity. Statistics done on the mobile email marketing optimization projects say that when the year ends, combined seventy percent will become mobile optimized in the monitored group of (B2C) Business to Client. Such firms provide cloud-based marketing technology.

Wearable Tech Digest

With the latest smartwatches and other wearable tech devices present in the market, the collective thinking is that shortly wearable tech will completely change the way we interact with the world. With the speculation level increasing, it is not difficult to see a future where emails in different dynamic techniques. Google has made positive steps toward this path with a wearable Gmail redesign, probably with the motive of porting the email client to the Android wearable devices. Wearable tech digest. when fused with email marketing will take digital tech to a whole new level.

We are about to board on a new exciting adventure. Currently, we are at an existing phase that can be termed as a green-field place. At this phase, we can anticipate for new patterns and define them.

Email Marketing Tactics

Tactics that are normally employed are often sorted in accordance with the duration of use. This has resulted in the use of three innovative email marketing tactics. They include:

  • Email triggers
  • Triggered transactional emails
  • Personalization

Use of personalization and email triggers has greatly increased over the past years. Having in mind that in the past, most firms were not in a position of applying strategies. Thus this growth is highly impressive. Email marketing is growing gradually while the capacities are growing. This implies that marketing, on this line of focus, is on the rise to success.

Let’s focus on the innovative aspect of the three top tactics. As long as all the firms can arrange them and make it productive for the business, then it makes sense. When a quarter portion uses the technique, it disqualifies from being referred to as innovative. If they are used by more than half of the workforce, they can be viewed as part and parcel of the arsenal.

Innovation doesn’t Represent New Technology

The resultant outcome tends to explain that innovation is an indication of new tactics which is distinct from new technology. On a daily basis, features of new email marketing are released by dealers. Marketing technology tends to overtake the need and use of these features by far. More so, in the enterprises market.

Beyond Technology

Marketing automation is old in the market, though it is working toward incorporating a direct communication channel which will have a personalized effect. A brand can innovate their email-marketing program by incorporating the techniques they never used before. If the tactics have a high ROI and bring great results, then that is what they need to do.

Plateau of Productivity

The subsequent phase in innovation by brands may not incorporate the use of new tactics. They may still be using the ones they possess to the optimum regardless of the growing trend. This may not be referred to as innovation, but reaching your personalized plateau of productivity may be a unique may of viewing it.


We should acknowledge that email has been the basic foundation for everything online. In the past, email was seen to be one and the same thing with spam messages. This is not the case now as different opportunities present themselves and are more value oriented. The most crucial aspect is that email is the most effective and efficient way to communicate to an audience across several marketing channels.


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