First Experience with Public Cloud

Cloud..! Cloud..!! Cloud..!!! It been all around for awhile now, with latest being that biggies like VMware and Microsoft are also planning to get into the Public Cloud Services. If that surprises you, then hold your breath for this one –  I have also heard that even Google is thinking of getting into the Public Cloud Services. I am sure it would bring a good amount of competition to Amazon :)

Anyway, I too contemplated using the Public Cloud services for my other websites and test the experience, in terms of performance as well as investments. I was comparing all the big players that I found on internet, like Amazon,Rackspace, JoyentCloud, GoGrid... and many others. These companies are big organizations, however hardly any of them have a presence in India. Surprisingly, I found this company named ESDS that advertise their cloud to be as good as (or rather better than) these big payers. In India, largely there are Datacenter Companies who also provide public cloud services as an addition to their datacenter offerings, and believe me, most of them are either hyper-v based or VMware based.

This company (ESDS) advertise that they have developed their own cloud platform named eNlight cloud and also have a comparison on their site which definitely seemed over exaggerated. They also had a coupon that gave me 2 grand free for my account which made me very happy to host my Indian sites with them. I went ahead and tried them out as I had nothing to lose. This is what has been showcased on their website:

Cloud Comparision

As far as my experience with them (4 months now), they provide everything that they showcase on their site at least . I have not tried their security services yet (and few other as well, not that I care too much) but whatever I have used so far seems very promising to me. I don’t want to start recommending them straight away but honestly the experience so far on eNlight Cloud has been great. I am planning to move my bigger sites on this Cloud now, let’s hope it is worth the effort.

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Milind Koyande loves to work on new technologies specially virtualization and troubleshoot server problems. I’m an avid photographer and love to spend my free time close to nature, trying to capture its glory on my camera.

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