Green Connect:: Is your Datacenter Green??

A very Happy Environment Day to all Readers and lets make a promise to our self that we will try to reduce the use of every product/service which affects environment.

Now back to the topic; are you looking for a webhost or a data center which can host your server?? what features or services you will look for?? Earlier whenever a user takes a server or co-locate any server in a data center, he/she is mainly concern or look for uptime which include 24/7 Power, Network, cooling etc. and the most important Support but now we have to concern one more term while hosting server with any Data center i.e. Environment.

As per a Study the power consumption by data centers and servers is projected to grow to 100 million MWh by 2011 in US alone. As data center power consumption grows, so do carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The Study estimates that data centers currently generate 23% of all emissions produced by the Information and Communications Technology industry, a figure that continues to trend upward. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. data centers were estimated to produce 44.4 million metric tons (MMT) of CO2 emissions in 2007 and, based on historical trends, will produce more than 79 MMT of CO2 in 2011.1 To put this figure in perspective, it is approximately one half of the total carbon emissions of the entire airline industry. Data center emissions are projected to actually exceed those of the airlines by 2020.

In its subsequent report, the EPA raised four important consequences of data center energy growth:

• Increased energy costs for business and government
• Increased emissions, including greenhouse gases, from electricity generation
• Increased strain on the existing power grid to meet the increased electricity demand
• Increased capital costs for expansion of data center capacity and construction of new data centers

Now the question arises how we can manage our Servers/Data center without affecting Environment and the answer is Green Data centers. A green data center is a location or place for the storage, management, and broadcast of data in which the mechanical, electrical and computer systems are designed for maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact. The construction and operation of a green data center includes advanced technologies and strategies which includes:

• Minimizing the footprints of the buildings
• The use of low-emission building materials, carpets and paints
• Sustainable landscaping
• Waste recycling

ESDS is one of the Data center which is India’s most Eco friendly and power-Efficient data center. The new sate-of-art data center brings together some unique environment friendly initiatives under ESDS Project Green Connect. With Project Green Connect, we strive to help make our company greener, reduce our carbon footprints and contribute generously towards Ecological Conservation. From carefully selected building materials to unique power saving systems, we have ensured that we keep our operations and premises as a contributing factor in maintaining the environmental equilibrium.

Some of salient features of ESDS Project Green Connect are as follows :-

1) The Data center dual cavity walls have been built using Cellular Light Weight Concrete (CLC) Blocks which provide better acoustic and thermal insulation creating a temperature difference of up to 4-5 Degree Celsius thereby reducing air conditioning requirement and save on power consumption.
2) A (STP) Sewage Treatment Plant set up within the premises to ensure that the sewage water is recycled and used for watering those trees and plants.

You can read more about ESDS Project Green Connect at

So, Next time when you select your host don’t forget to ask how green they are.

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