Here’s How On-Page SEO Must Be Done Today

Here’s How On-Page SEO Must Be Done Today

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re from. If you have an online presence or notably if you have a website, you need to know about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is extremely crucial especially for e-commerce businesses, digital marketers, and even freelancers.

It is SEO that helps bring in organic traffic and keeps your content at the forefront of the search engines’ page results. But one thing about SEO is it is extremely dynamic; it is constantly changing and evolving. Major search engines including Google is in a constant shift of algorithms that alter the way SEO is done in the past. Indeed, it is equally important for marketers and business owners to be updated with every latest happening in the complex world of SEO.

In this post, we’ll talk about the latest on-page SEO tactics that flourished in 2016.

Long Form Contents

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Before publishing a 300-word blog post is already enough. By that time, there wasn’t much competition when it comes to content marketing. However, that was a decade ago. Today, SEO has changed a lot. Search engines now favor information-rich content. Now, if your website seems to have shallow contents with generic topics, it will be less likely to obtain a good ranking on the search engines. Try to go to as much as 2000-word post.

However, it is important to ensure that your content remains informative and entertaining. Never add fluff just to hit the 2000-word quota, it’s not going to help. Instead, put a sack of valuable information or detailed tips that users can use in their queries.

LSI Keywords


LSI keywords are becoming extremely famous and common. LSI keywords or the Latent Semantic Indexing are relevant keywords that must be used along with your major keywords

Search engines would love to see LSI keywords in a particular blog post. Example, if you seem to be writing about Apple, search engines will need to identify as to whether you are talking about the famous brand Apple Inc. or the apple fruit. Certainly, LSI keywords are the answer. If you are talking about Apple Inc., you can use various LSI keywords such as Steve Jobs, Mac, Macintosh, iPhone. Etc.

Long-Tail Keywords


As mentioned above, the competition in the world of marketing is getting a lot stiffer. It will never be easy to rank higher in the SERPs. This is the reason why you would need lots of long tail keywords.

In comparison with the head keywords, long tail keywords have a low search volume. But, seasoned marketers would wish to pursue these long tail keywords as they do not only achieve targeted traffic but also receive high-quality leads with much better conversion rate.

Meta Descriptions


Ideally, the meta description must contain your primary keywords. It is also necessary to ensure that its meaningful, descriptive

and engaging. Good meta descriptions must make sure that search engine users would already know what they will be getting prior to clicking the link to the sight. This is also why well-thought titles are imperative.

Here’s a free template when optimizing your meta descriptions.

Final Thoughts

On-Page SEO

The world of SEO has been changing rapidly. If you desire to remain competitive, you must be able to equip yourself with the knowledge of every recent SEO techniques. The ideas presented above are significant factors to keep you well-informed about the latest happenings in the vast arena of SEO.

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