How to recover Mobile Tracker Password on Android

NOTE: The device should be ROOTED to get the password. Also we will not be held responsible for any problem or failure occurs on your device due to this.

Many Android based Smartphone manufacturers especially Samsung comes with mobile tracker which help user in case of they lost their phone. This application send a SMS automatically sent (whenever SIM Card of the phone is changed) to the numbers which are mentioned by the owner of the device stating that the Phone has been lost (or the message set by the owner).

Recently while changing the settings I have tried to access the mobile tracker but I have forgot the password which I have set for the Mobile Tracker. Now I was unable to change the notification numbers or message which will be sent as notification. While searching how to recover the password of mobile tracker I came to know that the mobiletraker.txt file saves the password in plain text and following are the steps to get your password

1) Install “Terminal Emulator” Application can be downloaded from (Phone should be ROOTED for this application
2) Open “Terminal Emulator”

3) You will see Linux command line (if you are familiar with Linux Operating System). Execute command “su –” followed by enter key to get root prompt.

4) mobiletracker.txt file in data/system folder contains the password in plain text

5) Type “cat data/system/mobiletracker.txt” (without quotes) and press enter. You will see something like this:

Here 82888288 is the password of my device.

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