Is The Latest In-Tweet Button The New Way To Feel Safe On Twitter?


The latest feature that has been launched by twitter is ‘In-tweet’ abuse button which allow its users to report any kind of threat or abuse in a very easy manner with a single click of a button. As more and more users are getting enrolled for twitter account and there is a large chunk of female users also who are getting connected through twitter and a few of these users are facing bomb and rape threats and abusive behavior especially several prominent female users in the United Kingdom.

So in order to make these female users feel safer while using twitter the micro blogging site have introduced the latest In-tweet button for them so that they can send a clear cut message to anyone who tries to make them feel insecure.

As per Del Harvey who is working as a senior director trust and safety division for twitter the company wants to send a clear message to people who think that such kind of abusive behavior is acceptable and tolerated. The company is also planning to make its user interface more strong so that it becomes easier for its users to report the threats or abusive behavior with the single click of a button.

This latest feature of ‘In-tweet’ button is made available to iOS operating system users and the company is planning to launch the same option for the Android operating system users very soon in the coming month.

Another important update that came last week is that the company is also planning to launch a report abuse button.

Existing Way to report abuse on Twitter

Till the time the company launches a report abuse button the users can utilize the existing way to report an abuse or threat on twitter which is also very simple and easy to use.

By following the below mentioned steps one can very easily report the abuse:

  • The first step is to go to the individual’s page or tweet you are looking to report to authorities and click over the contact option in the footer of the page.
  • After the initial step you need to click the customer support option.
  • A new window will come up and you will see a “Report a violation” option and after clicking this option you will be guided to a new page.
  • On this new page you need to select “how to file terms of service or rules complaints” option.
  • Post clicking this option the user need to scroll down to “ Harassment and Violent Threats help page”
  • After clicking this option a new page will appear which will ask you to submit a ticket request.
  • You can fill the ticket and submit it and your complaint about that particular threat will be taken into account and required action will be taken.

Hence, we can see that reporting any kind of abuse or threat is very easy on twitter but the need for more easy methods to report such kind of behavioral issues is increasing day by day and twitter is also aware of this fact and is trying to develop more such easy ways to help its loyal users.

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