Mobile updates- Tweet Away!

It has become vital in today’s world to stay connected and updated all the time in order to survive. It is not possible for man to live in seclusion but the amount of connection that is required and the need to keep up with what is happening has become a race, of which all try to be a part of at the least.

Networking Sites A Necessity:
Social networking websites have become a major source of information and hence have become one of the major medium for advertisement. Networking sites help you stay in contact with not only your friends and acquaintances but also a way to stay on top of your world. May it be sports, politics, international affairs or any other interests you may have, these sites provide you with not only information but also provide you with an insight into other people’s mind helping you get a broader perspective of things in which you take interest.

Stay Updated On The Move
In order to provide people with constant updates about their world, many networking websites introduced mobile updates over the years. As mobile phones have become an accessory of every individual walking this earth, and a man would without a mobile phone would be more lot than a person would without his wallet, hence the access of your account updates through your mobile phones has made it even more convenient for users who like to stay updated. They get instant notifications on their cell phones and that too without any charges.

How to subscribe
For websites like Twitter and Facebook, all you need to do is subscribe to these sites. You will start getting regular updates on your mobile phone without any substantial charges. You can also update your own status, through texting and turn off certain updates that you would rather not receive on your mobile phone. In order to get updates from Twitter all you need to do is:

  • Go to your Twitter account, and check out the mobile tag on the settings page of your profile.
  • Choose your country
  • Enter your cell phone number
  • There is a drop down box from which you are to select your carrier.
  • Select Start to get the verification process of your mobile number started.
  • You will be receiving a Twitter code, on which you are to text ‘Go’.
  • After the text message sent successfully on the code provided by Twitter, your number will be registered and you are ready to use Twitter from your mobile phone.

Now you have to select people from which you would like to receive updates on your mobile phone, for that you have to turn mobile updates ON for every user you want to stay in contact with through your mobile. If the account were protected then you would have to get permission from the owner to receive the tweets.

You can also connect your blog to your twitter account and set it up so that when you update your blog, your twitter account will also get an update and people who are following you will get an update on their cell phones immediately. In this way, you get to spread the word of your blog to people’s personal mobile phones with just an update.


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  1. Mobile Becomes integral part of our lives now . I think in 2050 human have four basic needs: home food clothing and mobile

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