Secrets behind, why people should follow brand in social media

follow brand in social media

Secrets behind, why people should follow brand in social media

Social media is increasingly favored by all, especially in Facebook and Twitter. Almost any activity that users feel need attention they regularly publish it on social media. For putting a brand on social media and to generate detailed following of the brand, we must understand some of the reasons why fans should follow your brand. A proper plan should be implemented in this regard to generate maximum results.  As an Actor/ Marketer one should implement a plan that should cover verity of possible ways, like why people should follow your brand. In this article, we have tried to shortlist few reasons that are best for generating followings on Social Media.

1-      Looking for Special Offer

According to recent research by Get Satisfaction and Column Five Media.  That said that, “36.9 % of Facebook users and 43.5 % of Twitter users said that they have given preference to the brands who are offering Special offers on Social Media“.

This is the first reason why people want to follow brands on social media, further in the research it is mentioned that almost 50 % of social media users want to stay connected with the brand who are offering Special Offers on social media. It could also be a coupon, a discount or promotional price for a new product. As shown below in an advertisement by Papa Pizza Johns offering best  offer on pizza with special offers which got direct observations of their fans, one of them said, that after seeing advertisement he immediately ordered for pizza without saying thanks. It proved that social media is effective and right place to present the latest news regarding your product.

follow brand in social media

2-      Requiring Support regarding Product

There are several products that are using instructions or tips to attract customers, like how to use a specific product and in-case of any problem they have given for contacting support. In the example given below, from the App Store in which company has introduced a new game for the fans and the fans have posted comments for long-awaited new edition of the game. A brand that is introduced in the market should have relevant information that attracts customers to follow the brand. A company having products should have to submit posts on social Media providing detailed information of the company brand and should provide relevant support that will make users to further follow your brand.

follow brand in social media

3-      Being Loyal to Brand

There are several brands, introduced by called Coca – Cola, Louis Vuitton or Rolex that have given them lot of customers who love the brand for generations. Their Fathers have great loyalty with the brand. If we look in to details these users or customers have generation’s attachment with brand and they love to follow the brand on social media, they feel proud about it. Also it is also been observed that lot of people follow the brand on social media whom they have family attachments. If we look at these brands they have lot of products and services for those loyal customers and also they offer special offers for them.

In example mentioned below, a new product has been introduced by Rolex, and customers have posted inspirational comments, representing loyalty with brand.

follow brand in social media

4-      Representing Educational and Entertainment Services

Each client must not only follow a brand on social media without reason , they need a reason to  follow a brand ,a reason to start following a brand, that reason can be  acquired with  Educational Services or with  entertainment Services. Now if we look in social Media lots of Advertisements posted by the brands posses some unique information and also have some entertainment stuff that attracts the user to follow the brand.


The picture below is an example of cotton used by children, the Add posses the tips that can help to make a toy rabbit which is made ​​of fabric; it basically helps fans, especially young mothers who want to create a new toy for their child. Of course this is very useful for fans .IF we look for entertainment, the second picture from Facebook represents detailed information about it, in which fans like a advertisement regarding Harry Potter movie, the customer seems to it a lot, and they have posted comments accordingly.

  1. Cotton Advertisement
    follow brand in social media
  2. Harry Potter Advertisementfollow brand in social media


People always follow a brand on social media with the specific reason .It’s all about   having a specific reason to follow the brand on social Media. Sometime it requires acquiring of knowledge; this knowledge can be obtained from the fans of the brand. A Company who wants to launch a social Media Campaign should follow these guide line to generate following on the social Media.

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