Star Wars Hologram Phones to Reshape Communications [Infographic]

Who could forget when Star Wars first debuted on the big screen 40 years ago? Everyone became instant fans of LukeSkywalker and Princess Leia. Well, the latter has stepped beyond the realm of Science-Fiction and ‘she’ will soon become a huge part of the present-day, technology-hungry life.

While all the ’70s kids then have had their childhood dreams relived by the 3D version of the Star Wars flick, one company is taking it one step further – through a Hologram-based communication infrastructure. This will inevitably break everything we believe about Internet-based communications. Moreover, this will certainly push the limits of the scientists, engineers, and the geeks alike.

Polish Company Leia Display Systems remained true to its name. The Star Wars-inspired hologram phones will soonoffer what people have hoped for – the transition from once-believed science-fiction to a blanket of new realities. And their first attempt will soon unfold this year 2015.

How will this new technology change the way we live? The answer to this question is just literally moments away. Soon, we will be able to feel what the Information Age has to offer us – communicating through holograms, interacting with virtual figures, while we strengthen the principle that –yes, anything is possible. Here is an infographic developed  by WhichVoIP to let you tour the latest hologram phone developments.

Hologram Phones

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