Strategy To Build Effective Links From Your Expired Domains

Build Effective Links

Strategy To Build Effective Links From Your Expired Domains

Five ways to use expired domains to optimize your search engine rankings When creating a new website for SEO purposes, it can often be tiresome when starting completely from scratch and trying to build up a website with an effective link structure and numerous authority links. One way to save time and effort is to use previously-expired domains, which often have an existing backlink structure in place, and to use it either direct links to a different website, or use it an opportunity for link building to your client’s website. With the recent Penguin update, Google yet again has made change to their search engine algorithm, meaning a new approach to link building is needed. The rules for using expired domains for link building have also changed, and now require careful precision when choosing an effective expired domain, in order to increase SEO, boost traffic and maximize profit for your website.

1. How to find a good domain

There are a number of different programs which can help you find effective domain addresses which are no longer in use. PrDrop is a free program that allows you to purchase domain addresses via the GoDaddy Auction process, whereas PrNator searches through thousands of high PageRank domain addresses. TB Solutions allows you to search and find high ranking, PageRank domains which have expired, several of which have high quality and effective backlinks. The program also has a dedicated customer service department who can be contacted via email and point you in the right direction if you are new to purchasing expired domains. Network Solutions is another program that can help you on your search to find the best expired domain address. One of the features of the program is an email notification system which alerts you when a domain has come back onto the market and matched any particular keywords valuable to your business or enterprise. You can also do a manual search of domain addresses on one of the numerous domain auction websites. Here you will need to bid for a domain, but you are more than likely to find something that matches your needs for a much cheaper price.

2. How to check an expired domain is effective

Once you have a domain address you think you can work with, you will need to check for 301 redirects. Use a program such as Link Research to allow you to check the domain address for 301 redirecting, and to make sure the links pointing to the address are not spam websites. You need to make sure a domain has a high PageRank before you purchase it. You will also need to check the domain’s backlink structure. Again, if there are a lot of spam links redirecting to the domain, it will not be worth the purchase. You could also do additional research and use Wayback Machine, an internet archive of cached webpages on your domain which will allow you to see what content was posted on it before it went on sale. Check to see what type of content was posted, and what the website’s purpose was previously. Make sure the domain doesn’t have a bad reputation as even though your website will consist of completely different content, the domain could still have a negative affect on your Google PageRank stature.

3. How to use an expired domain to link build

Now you have purchased your desired domain address, there are different ways you can use the domain to link build. Some people redirect the purchased domain to one of their previous domain address, whilst others use the purchased domain to set up a brand new blog or website and use it as a link resource. You could even use the purchased domain with the sole purpose of selling links, or add the purchased domain your existing link network. When you are link building, always remember to keep the links relevant. Focus on meta description, and title tags, as well as alt tags and image titles. Remember to direct links outbound to authority websites, such as a reputed encyclopedia, educational resource, or government portal. You could also include specific articles within the website or blog, again with the aim of improving your SEO. Choosing an SEO company to help you set up the website is also a good idea, as they will be able to assist you on choosing the right content for your site that will rank highly on Google’s PageRank.

4. Place natural links on the domain

Once you have set up your new website or blog, you will need a strategy to effectively build effective links from your expired domains. To do this, the first link on each page needs to include a primary keyword, while the second word in the link should point to a website with authority, such as an educational resource or government portal. You can also use an internal linking structure in your text, but do not overuse these links as they can devalue the page and make it harder to rank highly on Google’s PageRank. All alt tags and image titles should also not be overused. The best way to do this is to find variations of your primary keyword, which involves a process called “keyword stuffing”, where the same keyword has been overused. Always plan the acquisition of expired domains carefully, and make sure you research on what Google considers safe link building. An incorrect links structure on your website or blog can mean have a detrimental effect on your search engine optimisation.

5. Keep adapting your link structure

Once you have an effective link structure and are using an expired domain, you must keep abreast of any new developments in regard to search engine optimisation. The most recent Google Penguin update was aimed to decrease the pagerankings of several different website’s which breached the company’s terms and conditions. This also had an effect on the company’s search algorithms. Make sure you continuously adapt all content and links on your website or blog whenever there is a change to Google’s search ranking structure, in order to optimize your search engine presence. This will help your website to rank highly on search engine pages and hopefully increase the amount of traffic to your website.

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