Top 3 Smartphones of Year 2013

top 3 smartphones

Top 3 Smartphones of Year 2013

Thinking to buy a new Smartphone? These ongoing festivals it is a good idea to buy now and grad good discounts and offer on your phone. There are plenty of Smartphone available in the market you can choose from. Have a look here on the top 3 Smartphones among all other phones launched in year 2013. All the three phones are ranked top on the basis of performance, key features and specifications. We all know Android, iOS and windows have an epic battle to top first. But somehow, iOS and Android are still ahead in the competition. Recent survey has showed that iPhone is famous among the millions people of the world, but Android is the most used Smartphone device. Also Samsung ranks first in the selling the android OS phones. Read below on the top Smartphones of year 2013.

iPhone 5S

top 3 smartphones

The new iPhone 5S is an evolution in a province of Smartphones. With beautiful and amazing design, iPhone 5S is master piece model of the largest collection of all Smartphones around.  The design is not a huge step over the previous iphone5, but the internal modifications in the OS keeps the apple in the top position in the competition of Smartphones.

The new dominant features added are the 64-bit support and a new coprocessor able to handle the motion sensors providing the potential for new directions. The camera is as good and definitive as seen in the previous model but this time it has a better flash unit and the addition of fingerprint scanner providing an easy and secure access.

The phone has sick and fast operation with a better battery life. The point of disappointment seen on many users is the small screen size compared to all other big screen Smartphones. But this feature can be said well for most people to hold it easily in hand and carry in pocket. iPhone 5S might be dominating by the hardware options that you will not find elsewhere, but it still delivers a user the premium experience.

HTC one

top 3 smartphones

The HTC One is a winner in terms of design and magnificent to hold. The balanced size of the phone, practically make it great all-round. It has a lavish 4.7-inch display with full HD resolution. With the OS android in the phone, it delivers one of the best qualities you can see in any phone. It doesn’t have the most powerful hardware but there are many other great features in the phone that will not disappoint you from the hardware point of view.

HTC has a history of making good phones so this phone is not much surprising. It’s a fantastic Android Smartphone and is well worth of your consideration if you are thinking to buy in this last month of the year 2013. Android rooting is the best idea when using an android device. There are many advantages of rooting. But have a look on the android rooting tutorials before doing so because you may have risk of losing data if you make mistakes.

Galaxy S4

top 3 smartphones

Samsung is Android-Android is Smartphone-Smartphone is Samsung and vice versa. These statements are in the mind of people today. This year 2013, Samsung have come up with many new smart phones like Mega, Grand duos, Note3 and Galaxy s4. Among all new Smartphone, the top Ranking phone is s4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is an innovation in the Smartphone category. The design is so very flexible than the other phone. Moreover it offers memory expandable with the external memory card that other Smartphones do not provide.

S4 comes with a 5-inch Full HD display somewhat large compared to other phones. So despite going on the size, it is still manageable. Undoubted in the year 2013, Samsung Galaxy S4 is on the top Smartphone choice for many people around the world. The new design might look same as the previous one, but the features are more flexible, that you can’t stop loving. Battery life is still an issue in Samsung.

So don’t search much, go and buy any of the above phones listed. The phones are costlier but not more than your wishes. If affordable, go grab it.

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