1. jose

    We have the same issue but with the hardware node, we try to enter in the hardware node with remote desktop but we cant enter.

    If we reboot the hardware node we can enter but a few days later we cant enter.

  2. admin

    hi there,

    The problem seems to be with NP-Pool. You can check which Container is using high NP-Pool from Task Manager of host server. You can enable NPPool column from view>> select columns in task manager.

    Hope that help.

  3. ranabinay

    1) Log in to Remote Desktop with your Username and Password.
    2) Now it will show you Blue screen.
    3) When RDP screen still selected, press CTRL+ALT+END
    4) It will show you Microsoft Windows NT Security dialog box
    5) Go to users tab and Log Off your self.
    Now next time when you log in, You can do so as usual.

    Binay Rana
    Kathmandu, Nepal

  4. Milind

    Thanks for the reply rana binay but the fix you have provided is for a normal system or dedicated server but in case of Virtuozzo based VPS it won’t work and the fix which I have provided is given by SW-Soft Engineers..

    Thanks for registering :)

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