7 Best Mobile Makeup Apps Which Make Your Look Classy!

Smartphones are great for texting, calling, the Internet and social media among other uses. What most people are not aware of, is that they can be used for makeup and hairstyles try. They can also be used for manicure and pedicure. All that you need to do is get the right app from the app store to help you with your makeup. Although there are a variety of these apps, choosing the best app may seem quite a challenge. This article will help you choose the best 7 mobile makeup apps which will make you look classy.

1. L’Oreal Makeup Genius App

If you are a beauty lover, this app is best for you. It has got a real camera, which allows you to virtually try any beauty or cosmetic products. The app’s camera acts like a normal mirror allowing you to try on the different looks. L’Oreal makeup app allows you to create your own look or select from the pre-created makeup looks.

2. Spruce App

This app offers skin care solutions that help your skin look beautiful. It virtually offers dermatologist appointments through the phone. This app provides a list of certified dermatologists from which you select the one you prefer. It then allows you to share your skin problems such as acne, skin rash, or pimples by sending photos of your face to the doctor. Within 24 hours you can get a personalized skin regimen. This app makes it possible for you to get treated the skin problem and have a skin that can hold makeup for long.

3. ModiFace App

This is a great beauty app that allows you to create your own look. You can create a new look using the makeup or the hair styles you want. It also provides you with pre-created celebrity styles from which you can choose from. If you choose to create your own look, this app helps you to match your foundation and determine which contour colors look great and perfect on your skin. It also helps you to try the different procedures of putting on eye shadows and eyeliners. According to fusecrunch latest tech news, Modiface hairstyles are picked from the celebrity red carpet looks; you can try any of the celebrity hairstyles that you think looks good for you. You should try this app if you really need a classy look.

4. Priv App

This beauty makeup app is ideal for use if you need to have a one-on-one session with a beauty professionals. This app allows you to book a personal trainer or a yoga coach if you need physical fitness to get your body in shape. It also allows you to order manicure sessions, hairstylists, or makeup artists at home or in your office. Services can be booked and delivered within an hour or up to two days depending on where you are located.

5. Misfit Shine App

Wearable tech digest has proved to be the best when it comes to beauty and makeup events. This misfit shine app works through misfit’s tracking watches. Through this app, you can control your daily workout routines, food intake, and monitor your sleep cycle. This app works towards making you have a healthy and a beautiful body shape. It has a sleep tracker with a smart alarm to help you get into a rest schedule that makes you feel relaxed and energized. Misfit app also has a food tracking log and proposed activities that you need to attain each day.

6. Visada

This makeup app works by breaking down an evaluation of your skin tone and eye care. It then offers suggestions on what you need to do to improve your beauty and skin regimen. For hair and makeup, this app gives recommendations on the specific shades and colors. Visada helps you perfect on your daily beauty routines. The amazing thing about this app is it’s ability to analyze your photo after uploading, and develop a modified complete beauty profile.

7. Sephora to Go App

This is a great beauty app that offers tips on makeup, hair, and shopping. It acts as a beauty-only media for users seeking tutorials, inspiration, and reviews on beauty products. This app allows you to look through other peoples posts and lets you upload your own. It has videos on how to do your makeup perfectly, polish your nails and style your hair among others. Sephora to go app also gives you tips on how to shop for the best makeup products that match your skin tone and type.


The need for one to appear and maintain a classy look is a trending subject in the beauty world. Technology has however made it possible through the beauty apps. With your smartphone, you can monitor or track your look, get makeup and hairstyles advice, and know how to shop for the right product. The mentioned apps provide the best makeup tips that will go a long way in ensuring you attain a classy look.


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