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GOSF : Great online shopping festival 

Do you like to shop for hours without getting tired? Are you an online buyer? Do you look up to discounts? I know what is going on in your mind. Thinking of some shopping festival, right? So let me announce it royally to you the start of Great online shopping festival (GOSF) which is just around the corner. Let me cheer you up more. There are various discounts and GOSF offers and many more deals for all its enigmatic participators. It is an Indian version of the Black Friday of America, and the Cyber Monday which made its debut in 2012. This initiative of Google is going to be held from 11th to 13th of December 2014.

It basically is collaboration of various Indian online shopping retailers which provide heavy discounts in order to promote their sales. Statistics say that the shopping website that graced the event showed a huge increase in their sales the following year. It’s an intelligent concept which is beneficial to both- the retailers and customers. So GOSF gives customers an exposure to developing brands at the same time helps brands flourish. One of the amazing traits of this event is the Rs. 299 corner. In this policy, every branded garment which costs originally around 700-800 bucks would be sold only at Rs. 299. Moreover, with GOSF offers one can avail almost 75 % of discounts on products and if you think there is any discrepancy in your order you can always return it and get full cash back. GOSF offers a hassle free shopping experience and for the first time in three years cash on delivery paying method is available on all products. Feels great, doesn’t it?

Aren’t you an online buyer? Have any doubts in mind about GOSF? Well then let me tell you.. GOSF only and only has advantages. There are pleasantly overwhelming discounts and in addition to that there are GOSF coupons. No local shop would give you a discount of as much as 75 %.  Discounts up to 75 % with no compromise on the quality of the products; this defines GOSF completely.

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These coupons are available on various sites which too have tied up with GOSF and the best thing is you don’t need to register anywhere for availing these little bundles of joy! Spread your wings like an eagle and fly through the clouds of the online shopping world!

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  1. Month of December seems to be a great month and online shopping site provides users with lot of offers and discount. Hope many make use of this cool offers

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