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Kishore is a Freelancer who loves to read and write about latest trends in Internet and Technology Field. He manages a Indian Social Bookmarking websites as well.

7 Amazing Website Layout Design Tools

7 Amazing Website Layout Design Tools The art of creating a captivating website design is one of skill, efficiency, and precision. When it comes to website layout and design, seasoned web design professionals work smart, not hard. In order to accomplish award winning WordPress web design, designers will often turn to helpful website design and
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3 SEO Techniques You Should Stop Using in 2015

SEO Techniques You Should Stop Using Search engine optimization is an ever-changing, keep-up-or-get-out business. Every year (and every month) seems to bring world-rocking changes to Google’s ranking algorithm, changing the rules of SEO and rendering once-efficient techniques obsolete. While the core SEO success factors have remained essentially the same, changes to Google’s algorithm and web
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What is ERP and Whats the Future? #CloudERP

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a complete business management tool which is used to collect and manage all the business activities like, planning, marketing, sales, inventory etc. It allows an organization to use integrated applications or modules to manage and automate business functions related to services, technology etc. ERP systems are built to keep
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Intellectual Property (IP) in a BYOD Environment

Intellectual Property (IP) in a BYOD Environment With the ubiquitous nature of mobile devices now, many companies have found it’s not only cheaper, but ultimately preferable, to ask employees to bring their own device The BYOD trend has become widespread — a recent survey by consulting and research firm Ovum found that more than 60
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