Cloud Hosting Launched by Eukhost Ltd.

Eukhost has launched a cloud hosting services. Eukhost’s new cloud hosting services can help business or high availability requirements websites of all sizes more easily adopt cloud computing models to better manage data, lower hosting price and make collaboration easier with 100% uptime.

Online business face a new set of competitions as they look to grow world wide integrated economy. A perfect storm of data deluge, a fluid regulatory environment and widening information technology (IT) skills gaps is creating additional cost pressures on top of already resource-strapped companies or organizations. As a result, online businesses are looking for latest strategies to gain more value out of their IT infrastructures and free up resources for strategic growth investments. So, we are moving our clients, to have a mixture of data and applications that live in the data center and in the cloud computing,” said Ryan Watson, Sales Manager, high performance and high availability on demand solutions. Eukhost’s cloud hosting strategy was inspired by feedback from their customer base indicating a growing desire to utilize data, applications and services with 100% uptime based on open standards.”

Eukhost’s ability to deliver cloud hosting services is made possible by technologies that include many features,100% uptime, Usage and Security. Offered as part of Eukhost’s services, these technologies give clients and the assurance of providing quality services from a cloud computing environment with the ability to monitor and log activity, charge-back and secure identity and access management protections.

New Eukhost’s cloud hosting services areas that utilize these technologies include:

VMware Fault Tolerance
VMware Hot Add
Performance and Scalability
VMware® Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)/VMware® Distributed Power Management (DPM)
VMware® Storage VMotion
VMware® VMotion
VMware® High Availability (HA)

It has been mentioned by Ryan Watson Sales that every applications and services are tested thoroughly before implementation, so chances of failure is next to to impossible.

For more information can be found at Eukhost Cloud hosting plans.

Soon eITwebguru will be surfed from the clouds of Eukhost Ltd :)

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