cPanel Enkompass is available free of charge now

cPanel has decided to provide Enkompass free of charge. Enkompass is a Multi-server Windows Hosting Control Panel for Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2 with same functions, feel and looks as cPanel/WHM.

cPanel Vice President of Product Development Ben Thomas, “All options for moving this product mainstream were considered, but ultimately the decision was made to move Enkompass to a no-cost control panel”. He also told that the Enkompass is considered a stable, mature, and feature-packed product that is capable of enterprise- and production-level hosting but its sales and distribution didn’t met the expectations of the company.  Development on Enkompass will be slow now but the Enkompass team will keep working on hot fixes and patches of the control panel.

Enkompass was launched by cPanel in 2010 with basic features like third party integration, cPanel/WHM feel and look, DNS Management, overselling, quota’s, bandwidth management, and centralized management of a single hosting infrastructure and with feedbacks from users and partners cPanel fixed the bugs and added features. Enkompass become more stable and mature as compared to what it was at the time of launch.

Now it will be interesting to see how many hosting companies opt for Enkompass after cPanel removed the license cost.

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