HCL Beanstalk ADV10042

The HCL Beanstalk ADV10042 is one of model amongst the recently launched three AIO (All-in-One) PCs in the market. It comes with a built in battery with a battery backup of 1.5 hours. HCL Beanstalk ADV10042 AIO has been made to give a unique computing experience to both professionals and home based computer users. The other 2 models of the HCL Beanstalk AIO introduced with ADV10042 in the Indian market are the ADV10040 and ADV10038. In order to save money while shopping over the Internet, many shoppers also go for second hand computers and used electronic gadgets to grab a good deal for themselves.

Features and Specs

  • The features of the gadget go as,
  • It is slim and sportingly sleek with the design of light pivot.
  • The processor of the gadget is of Intel core belonging to second generation category.
  • ADV10042AIO is equipped with 500 GB HDD and the RAM of 4 GB.

The additional features of the HCL Beanstalk ADV10042 AIO are the anti glare display, which is extremely useful when you want to view the screen in day light. The anti glare HD LED screen is of 21.5 inches, which is back-lit.

Stereo speakers that are integrated to the system are also available. Format card readers are also present. These readers are multi-formatted.  Actually, they are 4 in 1 multi-format card readers.

The Beanstalk ADV10042 AIO also has the webcam of 1.3 mega pixels. USB2.0 slots are available in 4 numbers. Connectivity options offered are Wi-Fi, HDMI and Bluetooth. It also has the integrated HCL HD graphics. The Windows 7 operating system boosts the system.

Just to mention here about other models of the same AIO series the ADV10040 has the processor of second generation intel core processor of Core i3 B960 with 2 GB RAM. In the model ADV 10038, second generation intel core i3 2328M processor is found with the RAM of 4 GB.

What’s Special?

The Beanstalk AIO has a sleek and frameless design and has a battery backup of more than 90 minutes. Princy Bhatnagar, the Vice President of HCL says the system delivers all the solutions for the computing needs. The features are remarkably easy to use and are not complex. The system is designed in, a way to be durable and full-bodied. The view angles of the hinge design are wide. The options offered for the connectivity purposes are multiple, which makes it suitable and apt for using it for home and work place.


The three models of the HCL Beanstalk AIO are sold for different prices. The ADV10042 is priced as 40,000 INR, ADV10040 of 33,500 INR while the model ADV10038 costs the highest, for it has the 4 GB RAM and the core i3 2328M processor of Intel, and it is available for 43,000 INR.

The 3 models of HCL Beanstalk AIO come with something bonus offers, as well. Customers get anti virus for free from McAfee, and this is free for 3 years. An edutainment kit also accompanies the system.


It is expected that the HCL Beanstalk AIO models are going to hit the stores from this exact month that is customers can expect the system in the month of March 2013. This is same for all the states of Indian country.

HCL Beanstalk AIO series is one stop solution for all you require from a computer. In a country like India, where power cuts cannot be ruled out, a system that provides back up of more than 1.5 hours is the need of the hour.

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