Top 5 Free Windows Phone Photography Apps

windows phone photography apps

Top 5 Free Windows Phone Photography Apps

Photography has taken a new turn after the launch of camera phones and moved one step ahead with launch of Digital Cameras and Smartphone. Smart phones and the photo editing apps have influenced all its users to show their interest in photography. The photo editing apps have made the photographs and snaps look different and more beautiful. Today there are a lot many photography apps available in the respective Smartphone’s store.  In this post I will introduce you to the top photography apps for the Windows 8 users. Some of the apps may work well with that version. These apps are most liked by most windows phone users these days.

1.       Super Photo

This is the most famous photography app of all windows phone users. If you are tired of trying all the old effects and filters, then you can try this app. The app comes up with hundreds of effects you can choose with. Other Bookeh, frame and new patters and borders are added. All the effects in this single app make a premium app quality.

2.       Phototastic


With the photo app “Phototastic”, you can take 360 degree panorama photo. Click start and move the phone in the direction as directed on the screen. The photos will get switched together creating a photo sphere. The photo can be uploaded on the app and seen by everyone using the app.

3.       Fantasia Painter

This is the best image manipulation apps for Windows. All you can make effects with your pictures and make fun of your friend’s image. It not only modifies the picture but also comes up with 32 different brushes with all paint effects. Many new effects are present along with the clone brush and face swapping tools.

4.       Aviary Photo editor


Photo editor by Aviary is not only famous on windows but even on Android and iPhone. The aviary has been just like other editing apps containing all the basic tools, rotation of picture 360.

The effects present in the apps are most favorable and liked by many users.

5.       Fotor

Fotor aims being your one-stop solution for all your photo-editing needs. It comes with all the basic tools like crop, rotate, brightness and contrast adjustment, borders and so. It also includes the special effect and many filer effects in it. The main feature of this is 1-step enhancement features and special effects.

6.       Sketch

Name only tells you the app is all about. Some years back everyone was fond of pencil sketching and many of them learned even. With this app you can get your any photo with the sketch effect. All you have to do is select the picture and apply the effect. The app includes total 27 sketching effects and you can choose any of it.

7.       Sense the color

sense the color

The app uses the coloring ability function that creates your photo more impressive. You can try different ideas in the photo, making the background gray black the highlighting the part by coloring it. Do all these effects manually with the help of your fingers as if you are coloring a picture and get the results better. This will make your photo look totally different.

In this article I have shown best photo editor apps for all the Windows Phone users. All these apps are supported in Windows 8 and Windows 7 not genuine error fix is now solved. The apps will help in giving a different look to your snap as well as fun along. I have tried to cover the most useful editing apps. But many more apps are also available for free and premium paid apps too.

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  1. I Switched my new Phone from Android to Windows Nokia 920 and was searching good photo editing apps.Android provided so many apps and in windows there are few. But your article helped me to decide which are the best and recommended to download. Thanks for sharing the post.

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