Unable to stop or start VPS even after Host reboot

While stopping any VPS it gets timeout and VPS gets locked. After that it’s impossible to stop the VPS even if the method here gets failed OR even after rebooting the Host server problem doesn’t get fixed. Following are the steps to fix this issue

1) The very first step is to find out which process still running inside the VPS. To find the VPS process login to the host server from RDP and open Task Manager (Right Click on task bar >> Task Manger).

2) Sort the processes using CTID which will list all the processes on the basis of VPS ID or Container ID


If you find any processes named “winlogon” and “csrss” under problematic VPS then it’s not possible to kill these processes as they are critical windows services.

3) Disable “vzsrv” service from Service manager Or by executing following command from command prompt

C:\>sc config vzsrv start= disabled

4) Reboot the Host server.

5) As we have disabled vzsrv service non of the VPS will start but you will able to edit the VPS configuration file. Open VPS configuration file from [Path to VZ directory]:\vz\Conf\CTID.conf and add following string into the beginning of the file to disable on boot feature of the VPS.


6) Enable the vzsrv and reboot the host server again.

This will restart all the VPS except the problematic VPS. We would suggest you to scan the VPS using CureIT (after mounting it) as there is a possibility the the VPS is infected with Viruses.

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Milind Koyande loves to work on new technologies specially virtualization and troubleshoot server problems. I’m an avid photographer and love to spend my free time close to nature, trying to capture its glory on my camera.

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