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Want to Boost User Engagement for Your App? These 5 Incredible Ways Can Help You

Undeniably, the mobile industry is growing rapidly and the applications are the way to go. Well, it’s never been easy to develop an application that stands out and engaged user base. With so many applications on the web, it is imperative for you to make your application unique and exceptional.

When it comes to user engagement, it means different things for different businesses like if you are planning to promote an eCommerce application, you will possibly want your users to be daily visitors of your app while a social media app requires users to be active constantly.

No matter what are your engagement goals, there are different ways any startup can improve user engagement for their applications and decrease retention rate. However, many of you may don’t know what is the exact meaning app engagement and app retention, so let’s know what is the exact meaning of these terms.

Engagement – User engagement describes you how active users are on your application. It is a related metric that can be used to measure the success of an app. As per the Localytics, highly engaged users as those, who have 10+ sessions per month.

Retention – App retention is the percentage of an application’s users, who return to the application within 3 months of their first session.

When these two combined, the average fixes an application’s tackiness like how involved and loyal users are for any application. All those, who are anxious with user conversion or monetization, the main objective is to keep users engaged and make sure repeat usage.

Here are Five Incredible Ways to Boost User Engagement for Your App

Make Sure to Deliver a Wonderful Onboarding

Do you know that delivering a wonderful onboarding experience can decrease abandonment rates? Yes, if you are providing a seamless onboarding to your users, it can help you immensely to decrease abandonment rates.

If your application is extremely difficult to use like numerous steps to sign-up, huge information fields, confusing features and difficult functions, the more number of users will abandon your app.

A first-time user experience plays a very vital role. Moreover, an effective onboarding has proved to boost user lifetime value by up to 500% along with decreasing abandon rate of the app. Below are the steps through which you can develop an interactive app onboarding process:

  • Ensure that you develop logins and account creation simple
  • You should not surplus users with information. Rather than huge information, you can provide features and functionality education to them as it will be helpful for them to access your app.

Build a Strong Community on Social Media

To boost user engagement of your app, you can build community on social media as it enables you to engage users without app experience so that you can fetch them information about the new updates, promotions, offers, and challenges.

A user will surely share his/her feedback about your application on the social media platform that helps other users to know about your application. If your application is getting good reviews, it will lead to a positive word-of-mouth promotion, leading to higher app downloads.

If you are capable of passing users back and forth between an application in social media channel, it will be a lot simpler for you to keep them engaged with your application and recall them.

For instance, Uber, a ride-sharing application, has been available on Facebook and allowing users to share to share their experience. It attracts new users to use this application and enjoy their rise. Therefore, a community on social media can lead to increased number of users, resulting in more revenue.

Keep Introducing Features and Improvements in Your App

If you want to keep your users engage with your application for a long time, it is essential for you to keep introducing features and improvements about your app. As you know users do not observe when your product development slows down as they log-in to use your product, not to observe your development progress.

If this will go for a long time, they will surely uninstall your application when a competitor releases a new feature. So, your app users only do care about the features and improvements of your app. When you will introduce any new feature in your application, you can notice a 10x increase in communications from in-app messages.

For example, if you are introducing any new and unique feature in your application, users will surely get impressed and will start messaging each other about it. They can also take screenshots of it and share it on the social media. Such steps can make a huge impact on your application and result in increasing user engagement.

Push Notifications Work Like Cherry on Cake

If applications are not making any noise for a long period, the chances are very high that they can forget by your users and ultimately uninstall it. It doesn’t mean that you should keep disturbing your users, it only means that you should go with push notifications as notifications have proved to boost user retention and user engagement rate.

The application that sends notification on regular basis to users, it can boost user retention from a 56% to 180%. In addition to this, users who have chosen to get notifications, exhibit 88% higher app engagement compared to those who have not.

By implementing accurately, it can help you to boost usage through targeting messages based on behavioral data and preferences. In case, if your app is very specific about functions and not driving daily usage, push notification can help engage users by giving them a compelling reason to make a comeback.

Talk with Users and Listen to Their Problems to Develop a Great Product

You know that your users will surely love it when you will talk with them and listen to their problems, relating to your application. It is the most important thing – you need to talk with your app users and listen carefully what they are facing so that you can develop a great product for your business. By listening and solving their problems, you can deliver your users what they are looking for. It will help you augment the engagement rate of your app.


So, above we discussed the five incredible ways to boost user engagement of your application that will also result in various other benefits as well to your business. It’s quite difficult to keep your application focused on the users, but not impossible if you want your users to keep using your app.

No matter whether you have your application on iPhone or Android platform, if you want to customize it with more features and improvements, you can get in touch the trusted mobile application development company with expertise in iPhone and Android.

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