WP Plugins For Social Media Sharing Buttons Under A Post

Social Media Sharing Buttons

WP Plugins For Social Media Sharing Buttons Under A Post

Social media have integrated themselves really deeply in our daily lives, so much so that it’s almost impossible to achieve anything without social media nowadays. If you think this is an overstatement, think again. Many employers use Facebook and other popular social media outlets to do a background check on employees. If you don’t have a Facebook, many people would consider you suspicious and not hire you. This is happening from small companies to major businesses. But this is not the only example. If you exclude social media from your online marketing campaign, you will be unpleasantly surprised at the results.

This is also true if you’re running a website or a blog. You can’t simply ignore the power of the social media in your online conquest. If you want for people to read your content, you have to engage them via the social media. This is simply the first step, though, because after that you also have to provide tools for them to share your content in an easy manner. The more people read it and the more they share it, the more people will read it and the more they will share, is the logic behind this and it totally works. All you have to do is provide the right tools for this to work. Lucky for you, if you’re running a website or blog powered by WordPress, there are tons of plugins that can make your life easier. Here are some of them.

Really simple Facebook Twitter share buttons

Albeit not too creative as far as name goes, this plugin is absolute gold. It’s rather small and simple, but you know what they say – the most genius inventions are the simplest. And even though that’s not always the case, this principle applies here with full force.

What this plugin does for you is adding sharing buttons for most of the major social media above or below your page or post. We are talking about Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and more. By adding this plugin, you make sure that if someone likes your post enough, they will share it. Keep in mind that people are lazy. Even though someone might enjoy your posts, they will probably not share them if they have to open a new tab, then log into their accounts and then copy and paste the link. By providing them with an easier way to do it, you are raising the chances that people actually share.

Digg Digg

As far as social media sharing is concerned, Digg Digg is a Swiss army knife filled with tons of utility and potential. This plugin is what you should always utilize when you need floating sharing buttons. It’s simply great, even though some people find it unrefined and rough around the edges. The immense quantity of options might be hard to deal with for casual or new users, but it’s pretty easy to get used to, so you should not be worried.


Simplicity meets genius in this plugin. Providing you with a vertical share bar (hence the name) it enables your readers to link your content to all the popular social networks with just one click. The bar has tons of customization options and is really simple to use and tweak. If you think you might be having troubles with Digg Digg, then perhaps this is exactly what you should try.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media sharing. These plugins might be the difference between 100 people reading your post, and 10, 000 people reading and sharing it to even more. You do the math.

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