Website Security should be the first priority for these Websites or Businesses

Every year Billions of Personal records are stolen or lost due to security breaches and year by year the count is getting double. The year 2016 also witnessed many such security breaches like Yahoo Security breach, Swift Hack and much more where million of users were impacted.

The situation in the year 2017 might get worse as the hackers will try new methods for data theft and security agencies will try to block them but no-one can predict which site or business will become a victim of the security breach. All you can do is to make sure to keep your business/website security up-to-date. Here we have tried to list down some business/websites which should pay an extra attention towards the Website security.

Banks/Financial Institutes

I don’t think I have to explain by banks (which are directly dealing with customer data as well as money) and financial institutes should keep their websites and servers secure no matter what problems/complications.  In October 2016, many Indian banks have faced the heat when biggest security compromised news broke out where 3.2 million Debit Card owners were at risk.

Online Gaming

Smartphones have changed the way we play games now, earlier games were only played using PC or consoles whereas now, everyone can play games anywhere. There are many games where you purchase upgrades in the game. So, if you are running any such gaming site or application make sure to double check the server security as gaming site are one of the favorite places for hackers.

Online Casino’s and Gambling sites

Vegas is heaven for Casino lovers but after the Internet revolution, people got an option to play Casino games and try their luck on online casino sites from the comfort of their homes. In the year 2011 online casino business touched the revenue of $29.3 billion. Now I don’t have to explain why these sites have to pay extra attention to the website security.

E-Commerce websites

If you are selling products from your website, it doesn’t matter if the products you are selling are manufactured by you or you are selling goods on behalf of someone; you will have to take extra care of your e- commerce website security as you are dealing with critical customer data like credit cards etc.

Adult/Porn Websites

Adult Porn industry is a multi-billion industry and there are thousands of porn websites available on the internet for the users. As a number of users browse these website is very high, hackers have a keen interest in this dark industry.

Next year will bring more challenges to webmasters as well as website owners from the security point of view and each and every webmaster should pull-up their shocks to face these challenges.

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Milind Koyande loves to work on new technologies specially virtualization and troubleshoot server problems. I’m an avid photographer and love to spend my free time close to nature, trying to capture its glory on my camera.

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