Configure Hyper-V Backups using Windows Server backup Part-II

In my previous article (Part-I) I have explained how to install Windows Server Backup on Microsoft Windows 2008. Today via this article I will explain how to configure Windows Server Backup to take backups of Hyper-V VM’s without any recource usage or affecting the performance of VM.

Hyper-V Server Configuration:

CPU: Intel Xeon X5550 @2.67Ghz (2 Processors)
24 GB
Disk: 500 GB [C:\= 50GB (OS), D:\= 450GB (VM Data)]
250 GB External USB Disk

2) Configuring Windows Server Backup to take VM Backups.

Before configuring Windows Server Backup to work with Hyper-V, we have to register Hyper-V VSS Writer GUID in Windows Registry.

Registering Hyper-V VSS Writer GUID in Registry.

1) Open “Registry Editor” (Start >> Run >> Regedit)

2) Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\

3) Check if Key Named “WindowsServerBackup” is available or not. If not then create a new Key (name is “WindowsServerBackup”) under Currnet version as soon in below image.


4) Inside “WindowsServerBackup” Key add new Key Named “Application Support

5) Right-click the “Application Support” key and add new Key with name “{66841CD4-6DED-4F4B-8F17-FD23F8DDC3DE}“. You will get something like below image and make sure that you are navigating HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WindowsServerBackup\Application Support\{66841CD4-6DED-4F4B-8F17-FD23F8DDC3DE}

6) Create new String Value to create a REG_SZ string in “{66841CD4-6DED-4F4B-8F17-FD23F8DDC3DE}” with following details

Name: Application Identifier
Type: REG_SZ
Data: Hyper-V VSS Writer

Now you will get something like below image.

7) Reboot the server.

Use caution when you modify the registry. Corrupting the registry can cause system instability, as well as cause the operating system to be unable to boot.

Configure Backup a Virtual Machine Using Windows Server Backup

1) Open the Windows Server Backup console from the Administrative Tools and select Backup Schedule from Action Panel.

2) On the Getting Started page of the Backup Schedule Wizard, click Next.

3) Select “Custom” on Backup Configuration Page and Press Next

4) Select C:\ (default) and D:\ on Backup Items

5) Specify the Time on when you want to Run the backups of the VM.

6) Select Backup Destination: Select the USB Disk and press Next. It will show warning, press “Yes” to continue.

7) Press Next on Label Destination Disk

8) On the Confirmation page, review your selections, and click Finish.

9) In the Summary page, click Close.

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