Tag: Configure Hyper-V Backups using Windows Server backup

Configure Hyper-V Backups using Windows Server backup Part-II

In my previous article (Part-I) I have explained how to install Windows Server Backup on Microsoft Windows 2008. Today via this article I will explain how to configure Windows Server Backup to take backups of Hyper-V VM’s without any recource usage or affecting the performance of VM. Hyper-V Server Configuration: CPU: Intel Xeon X5550 @2.67Ghz
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Configure Hyper-V Backup using Windows Server backup Part-I

Recently, I have configured backups of Hyper-V VM using “Windows Server Backup (WSB)” utility. Windows Server Backup (WSB) uses the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to provide backup and restore support for W2K8 volumes, folders, and files. To make this tutorial Easy and understandable to everyone, I will explain everything in following three parts Installation
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