In-house Social Media Team vs Outsourced

Marketing on Social Media plays a very important part in the success of any product, service or any start-ups. Every company should have a Social Media strategy ready before their product or service launch and above that they should have proper Social Media Marketing Team to manage everything. Many companies prefer to have an in-house Social Media Marketing team where as others prefer to outsource this task to a Social Media Agency. But which is more efficient or useful, hiring an agency or have our in-house team. Today in this post I’ll try to explain and explore few points which plays an important role making decision to hire an agency or go for an in-house team.

Why in-house team?

  1. Content Ownership:
    In-House Social Media

    The biggest advantage of having in-house Social Media Team is you getthe complete ownership of the content as well as your team will have complete access to the internal updates and if you want to publish any news or information you can do immediately.

  2. Business Knowledge:
    Who can understand your business and your vision better than you. You can add a personal touch to the campaign which is most important for any social media engagement. Another advantage is , you won’t have to explain anything related to your business to Marketing team as they are part of it.
  3. Better Customer Service:
    Jamie Turner, the co-author of How To Make Money with Social Media, recommends that “Businesses contribute no less than 25% of one full-time employee’s time to social media efforts”. In-house team can act more quickly and are more familiar with the company. It is easier to manage responses when it is done in-house.

Why an Agency?

  1. Domain Knowledge:
    A Social Media Agency have a in-depth knowledge of the work they are doing. They have team of experts working for you instead of 1 or 2 experts in your in-house team. Also they are aware of all the changes/updates happening on Internet which helps them to makHire an Agencye strategy for your business.
  2. Lots of Hands to Help:
    As mentioned above, an agency have team of experts which gives your business lot of support as you are not dependent on one or two person where their non-availability will impact your business campaigns.
  3. Costs to the Business:
    Cost of hiring a full/part time employee is always costlier as compared to outsourcing it any agency where you get a assurance of getting desired results in less time. Also an employee can’t manage the complete social media stuff and it’s very vast and managing everything at same time is quite difficult job.

At the end, I would suggest to have a balance between your in-house team and an agency. You can’t relay completely on an agency, as there are various jobs which you should have under your command.

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