Configure Hyper-V Backups using Windows Server backup Part-III

In previous two parts i.e. Part-I: Installing Windows Server Backup and Part-II: Configuing Hyper-V VM Backups using WSB I have tried to provide the steps to configure HyperV VM backups on a External USB Drive. Today, in this Post I will explain the steps to recover a VM from the Backup which we have configured.

3) Recovering a Virtual Machine Using Windows Server Backup

1) Open the Windows Server Backup console and select “Recover” from Action panel.

2) On the Getting Started page, select “This Server” and press Next.

3) Select the backup date which you want to recover the VM

4) Select the Recovery typer: Select “Files and Folders” and press Next

5) Now, Select the VM which you want to recover (from left panel) and select the VHD file of respective VM (Right panel).

6) Specify the recovery options as per your reuirement. I have selected “Original Location” as Recovery Destination.

7) Confirmation: This screen will provide a summary of all the options which you have selected; Press Recover to start the recovery process

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