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Comparing the Best Virtualization Software (HyperV Vs. VMWare)

Best Virtualization Software: Comparison between HyperV and VMWare There’s a multitude of virtualization software on the market ranging from mediocre spin-offs from once stable open source offerings, through to tried and tested market leaders. For most people though, the battle between Microsoft and VMWare is the one that rages most frequently. Microsoft’s Hyper-V and VMWare’s
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Stand Alone Installation of Enkompass on HyperV Part-II (Installation and Configuration of Enkompass)

In my previous Article “Configuration of Microsoft Windows Server 2008” I have explain the components which are requires by Enkompass. Once you done all the configuration you are ready to install Enkompass on your Server. Installation and Configuration of Enkompass 1) Download the latest version i.e. Enkompass 1 from http://layer1.cpanel.net/ 2) Run the installer, and
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