FIX:-Container is already locked

Sometime when automated OR Manual Virtuozzo backup process gets stuck OR sometime a VPS stuck while starting up OR stopping during this stage its impossible to make any changes on that VPS. You can stop the VPS or kill the process which is running. Making any updates or trying to restart the VPS shows message […]

Unable to Start Container : Error invoking external utility

While starting one of the Container on Windows Node it shown following Error. C:\>vzctl start 101 Failed to start Virtual Private Server ‘101’. Error invoking external utility: ERROR:Virtuozzo API function call ‘VZVolumeMount’ failed err = 183 ERROR:Virtuozzo API function call ‘dq_mount’ failed ERROR:Cannot set disk quota for container 101 After trying everything we were not […]

Unattended MSSQL 2005 Installation – Command Line Installation of MSSQL

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational model database server produced by Microsoft and it’s Installation is quite Easy using GUI where a user has to selects the options which he/she needs with the database server and install it. We can automate the installation procedure and make it so simple that MSSQL can be installed using […]

Unable to stop or start VPS even after Host reboot

While stopping any VPS it gets timeout and VPS gets locked. After that it’s impossible to stop the VPS even if the method here gets failed OR even after rebooting the Host server problem doesn’t get fixed. Following are the steps to fix this issue 1) The very first step is to find out which […]

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) not working for a VPS

Sometime it happens that your Customers complains that they are not able to connect their Windows VPS Throug Remote Desktop Protocol i.e. RDP even if the VPS is responding ping requests. The most common reason for this is that the VPS is running out of memory, check the VPS memory using Virtuozzo Power Panel and […]

Cannot adjust logon rights for vzagent user

PROBLEM Recently while recreating Service VPS (VPS ID 1) on a Windows Virtuozzo Node it was getting failed with following Error: ERROR: Cannot adjust logon rights for vzagent user SOLUTION The error “Drop logon user rights” could fail when 1) the previous attempt of the service container recreation failed or 2) the vzagent user has […]

Schedule Task Error: General page initialization failed. The specific error is: 0x8007000d: The data is invalid

Sometime Schedule tasks on Microsoft doesn’t run and which checking them from Schedule tasks it give a pop up with following Error ERROR: General page initialization failed. The specific error is: 0x8007000d: The data is invalid. An error has occurred attempting to retrieve task account information. You may continue editing the task object, but will […]

Disk types for Virtual Environments In Virtuozzo

Parallels Virtuozzo Technology which is used to create Virtual Environments or Containers for both Windows and Linux Based Servers. Each Virtual Environments has it’s own CPU, RAM and Disk Space in which OS is installed. Virtuozzo for Windows allows user to use VE Disks of Two types; they are 1) Plain : This is a […]