Step-By-Step Guide for Windows Server 2008 Domain Controller

In this tutorial I am going to explain how to install and setup Windows Server 2008 Domain Controller and DNS server which can be used as centralized server to keep user information, OU, setting up group policies etc.

1) Go to Start >> Run and type “dcpromo” and press enter.
Server will now start checking if Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) binaries are installed or not; if not, then it will install it. After running “dcpromo” you will get popup like below which will scan the server

2) Once the AD DS binaries are installed, you will get “Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard” like below

Here you will find a option “Use Advance Mode installation” which will show you more options (basically for advance user). You can keep the checkbox unchecked and press Next

3) Next Windows will show some basic information about Microsoft Windows 2008 Active Directory Services. Press Next to continue

4) Choose Deployment Configuration: This windows will allow to add the server to an existing Forest Or to Create a new Domain forest.

Select Create a new domain in a new forest and press Next.

5) Name the Forest Root Domain: Enter the name of the domain (Fully Qualified domain name) which will act as root domain for the AD DS and press Next..

It will take some time to check if the domain is already in use or not.

6) Set Forect Function Level: We would suggest you to read the description of every OS before selecting the option

7) Set Domain Function Level: We would suggest you to read the description of every OS before selecting the option

8) Additional Domain Controller Option: On this window you can select DNS service here. Also as this server is First domain controller in a forest it must have Global Catalog due to which it doesn’t allow you to enable or disable this feature. I want to set this Domain Controller Server as a DNS Server as well, so I have kept the check box beside DNS server selected. Press Next to continue.

Please allow sometime to for DNS configurations and if any DNS warning Pop-Up’s Press Yes to continue

9) Location for Database, Log Files and SYSVOL: In this window you can set the Path for database, log and SYSVOL files. If you don’t want to change it keep them default and Press Next.

10) Directory Services Restore Mode Administrator Password: Enter the Password (& confirm it) which you will use login into Domain Controller.

11) Summary: It will Show you the Summary of all configuration which you have selected. Here you can export the current configuratino whch can be used for any other setup.

12) Installation wizard will install/configure everything on your Server now

13) Reboot: Once the above process gets completed press Finish and reboot the Server.

By default First name of the domain is NETBIOS name. E.g. here I have used domain so that NETBIOS name will be ADTESTING. So, after reboot I have to login into the server I will use “ADTESTING\Administrator” as user and the password which I have used on Step 10.

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  1. Hi,

    Really good topic discussed over here.
    I want to suggest you to go for Windows 2008 core edition also.
    Its really nice to work on command platform for Windows OS. You can try installing Active directory on Windows 2008 core edition also.

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