10 Tips on choosing best WordPress hosting for your needs

The perks of choosing a suitable web hosting provider are often overlooked by the average individual eager to run a successful website. WordPress, one of the world’s most popular web hosting companies, can be the key to increasing online sales. However, you have to make a sound decision. Before making a final selection, we’ve decided […]

7 WordPress Development Tips for Developers

WordPress is perhaps the most useful and powerful content management system available on the global Internet. In today’s modern and digital age, this platform is extensively used by numerous people, who tend to build a solid online presence and prosper in online business. There are several WordPress developers who are minting money and earning a […]

Top 10 WordPress Plugins You Should Have

WordPress is very crucial platform nowadays for developing a web application development. There are such fantastic services and supportive tools included in the platform known as Plugins. Such plugins are useful to shape your website smoother and attractive in look. The WordPress supports plugin to its framework for making your website extraordinary and easy loading […]

Why And How Adding LinkedIn Will Help Enrich Your WordPress Profile

Nothing can get better for your business than growing it professionally. And, when LinkedIn is there, you need not think twice before exploring this professional social media platform. LinkedIn is exceptional to help you grow professionally, connect to the skilled professionals and highlight your best work experience to the imminent personality of your industry. Therefore, it […]

A Checklist of Design and Plugin for WordPress Mobile Blogs

Plugin for WordPress Mobile Blogs When it comes to shaping your WordPress blog for mobile following a design that can help viewing the content is more important than just squeezing the content into a design perfect in pixel count. For a blogging website more focus on content is very likely and naturally the blog must […]

7 Amazing Website Layout Design Tools

7 Amazing Website Layout Design Tools The art of creating a captivating website design is one of skill, efficiency, and precision. When it comes to website layout and design, seasoned web design professionals work smart, not hard. In order to accomplish award winning WordPress web design, designers will often turn to helpful website design and […]

Does Plugin Vulnerability affect your WordPress website?

Sucuri in its latest blog has revealed the plugin vulnerability of WordPress websites, installed with the addons powered by genericons package, towards cross-site scripting (XSS). This puts over 3 million websites on XSS plugin vulnerability radar, including JetPack, a WordPress plugin that is installed in over 1 million website, TwentyFifteen (2015), which is the default theme of […]

WordPress Themes Guidelines for All Things Themes

WordPress Themes Guidelines for All Things Themes It is undisputed that WordPress is currently the most popular platform on the Internet for bloggers. It is responsible for powering millions of blogs, literally. The reason for this is that WordPress stands out in flexibility and capability, allowing so many thematic options; so much that it could […]

WP Plugins For Social Media Sharing Buttons Under A Post

WP Plugins For Social Media Sharing Buttons Under A Post Social media have integrated themselves really deeply in our daily lives, so much so that it’s almost impossible to achieve anything without social media nowadays. If you think this is an overstatement, think again. Many employers use Facebook and other popular social media outlets to […]

Everything You Need To Know About WordPress 3.8

Know About WordPress 3.8 WordPress 3.8 Beta is here and it seems that it’s going to change things pretty significantly, at least in the aesthetics department. And this is a good thing, too because boy, did I get tired of looking at the old dashboard colour theme. But, hey, it’s not only about the looks, […]

Web Performance Optimization – WordPress Experiments

Web Performance Optimization – WordPress Experiment Results Have you ever wondered how to improve the performance of a website?  Our Web Performance Lab team decided to undertake a project to make our WordPress site faster and handle more concurrent users.  Why?  So that we could share our findings with all our web geek friends that […]

Steps to Secure WordPress

Recently I found that many wordpress based websites got hacked or compromised. So, I started searching Internet for security measures which can be took to protect WordPress based websites. Following are some points which I found common on various websites. 1. Vulnerabilities in the WordPress Vulnerabilities of WordPress could be defined as program or script […]